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Why Spring is the Best Season


Why Spring is the Best Season

Why Spring is the Best Season

Winter has melted away and spring has blossomed. Spring is the season of growth and change, not just in nature but in humans, too. People often credit the season for increased happiness, creativity, and improved health. We’ve created a list of reasons why spring seems to have a positive effect on the earth and everything in it.

Warmer weather

After months of vigorous shivering, we get to relax and enjoy spring. There’s something about warmer weather that screams freedom. Maybe it’s because we’re not being weighed down by layers of clothes. The warm rays of sunshine touching our skin is kind of refreshing and exhilarating.


When spring comes, we spring forward. Daylight savings time is in our favor this time around. When we wake up, the sun will be out. When we leave work, the sun will still be out. It gives the illusion that there are more hours in the day because there are more hours of sunlight. We have more time to do things that we enjoy that require sunlight.


If you’re an animal lover, spring is probably your favorite season. All the animals that were hibernating during winter will gradually become visible again. Some animals like squirrels and birds become more active in the spring. We’ll definitely hear birds singing more and more as spring progresses.

Able to spend more time outdoors

Because the weather is very moderate in the spring, we are able to spend more time outside. In the winter, the cold can be miserable and give us a case of the sniffles. And the summer heat can sometimes be dangerous and exhausting. That’s why spring is the perfect time to indulge in outdoor activities.

Increased creativity

Many people believe that spring brings out our creative side. A study done at the University of Michigan proved that because people are able to spend more time outdoors, they become more open-minded and willing to learn more information. This all has an effect on a person’s creativity.


One of the best things about spring is that flowers bloom. Yes, flowers are absolutely beautiful to look at, but also studies show that flowers can turn your smile upside down. They can literally improve our mood.


We can expect rain showers all spring. The rain has a calming effect. Try sitting by the window on a rainy day while reading a good book. There’s nothing more comforting.

Green grass and plants

It’s been a while since we’ve seen green leaves on a tree or even green grass. Plants are alive and thriving, now!

One thing about spring, though, is that your lawn can get out of hand if not cared for properly. Thank goodness for Waynes! We want you to be able to fully enjoy the spring and spend your quality time enjoying family and friends rather than maintaining your lawn. Waynes professionals will have your lawn healthy and lush, we like to call it BAREFOOT GOOD!

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