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Can Waynes Solve My Pest Control Issue?

From cockroaches to fleas and ticks, termites to spiders and rodents, homes and businesses can suffer from all manner of pests. That’s where Waynes comes in. As one of the leading, best pest control businesses, our affordable and professional pest control team is one hand to help alleviate your troubles.

Founded in 1973, Waynes has fifty years of experience in pest control. Furthermore, our team of professionals receives specialized training for over thirty critters. Our continual education process ensures that our technicians know precisely how to tackle and resolve any issue you may experience.

Why Choose Waynes Pest Control?

Waynes’ pest management services have earned an A+ rating with Better Business Bureau. Our professional team caters to over 150,000 customers, and we only use environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions, what we like to call safe pest control.

Alongside solutions to one-off incidents, Waynes provides 24-hour pest control through our SmartPest solutions. We monitor rodent activity around the clock, ensuring that your home and perimeter are free from mice and rats.

Discover the Right Time to Call Waynes

While one little bug may not mean much, a couple could indicate an underlying problem. Wasps, termites, ants, and bed bugs all take up residence in homes and businesses.

Rather than repeatedly reaching out to pest control companies, you may wish to consider preventative pest control. Our packages include regular services several times a year. Whether we’re talking about stinging bugs in the height of summer, or creepy crawlies trying to escape the cold of winter, our preventative pest control measures will keep your home safe.

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