Termite Treatment

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Termite Treatment

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In just one year in the United States, termites will cause more than $5 billion in damage through their incessant gnawing on wood, including on people’s homes. Once termites settle into your home (and they only need 1/32 of an inch to slither in), one single queen can lay literally millions of eggs in her life. One single queen. A colony can grow into a population of thousands to millions of termites—and it’s common for that colony to spread into two or more within your home.

When termites invade your home, it’s time to reach out for help. 

For a thorough termite inspection, please fill out the form on this page, contact us online, or call 1-866-929-6371.

Termite Control in Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, and the Florida Panhandle

At Waynes Pest Control, we use a highly effective termite treatment that starts working as soon as it’s strategically placed in the ground around your home: Constant Protection™ baiting systems with AlwaysActive technology. This will eliminate the worry and continue to work until it gets rid of the termite infestation and then keeps working to keep them away.

Need more info? This termite treatment is backed by the single most comprehensive year-round termite coverage available, and protecting your home from termites is priority number one. Your home is your castle, and we are your 24-hour, 365 days a year shield.


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Did you become a Waynes customer by purchasing a new home?

It's comforting to know your builder or seller chose us to protect your home with the best termite warranty money can buy. During the construction of your home, one of our professionals utilized Constant Protection™ baiting systems with AlwaysActive technology by Waynes to protect your home. Call or email today to schedule your welcome visit. You'll get a free housewarming gift and learn about the way we are protecting your home, and more importantly, how you can help keep it protected!



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Types of Termites

If you have termites in your home in Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, or the Florida Panhandle they’re likely from one or both of these two species: subterranean and formosan.

Subterranean termites can be the most destructive species. They can be identified by the mud tubes they build allowing them to reach the wood they eat and to protect themselves. They gnaw, non-stop, with their saw-toothed jaws being especially effective to break off bites of wood from your home’s structure. They’re so effective that, eventually, they can threaten the entire structure’s integrity.

Formosan termites are so incredibly aggressive that they’ve earned the nickname of “super termites” as they can ultimately tear down buildings, inch by inch. They’re also quite stealthy, making them difficult to detect as they voraciously create their damage. As these descriptions demonstrate, you don’t want either kind in your home.


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Tackling Termites

If you’ve got termites in your home—the center of your world and a place of comfort and peace for you and your family—it’s natural to want to know how long it will take to get rid of them. After all, you want to keep building family memories and traditions in your home for years to come, making termites your worst enemy. The answer, though, on how long it will take to get rid of them depends on the size of your infestation and the treatments being used to exterminate the termites. Treatments used by exterminators can range from bait to liquid termiticides to wood treatments.

Our Locations

Founded in 1973, we’ve expanded our company to serve more people, growing over the decades through our commitment to providing world-class service. Now, we’re located in multiple places in three statesAlabamaMississippi, and Tennessee. When you need help with termite control, it starts with a thorough home and yard inspection. So, whether you need a Nashville termite inspection, or an inspection in Mississippi,  Alabama, Pensacola, or the Florida Panhandle just reach out to us and we’ll make sure those pests are taken care of.

After our initial inspection, we’ll strategically place our baiting systems around your home and other appropriate places. Then, we’ll regularly inspect the stations and, as needed, replace them for ongoing effectiveness, 24/7/365.

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About Waynes Pest Control

At Waynes Pest Control, we have a philosophy that we carry out in everything we say and do: if our employees are happy at work, they'll go above and beyond in delighting you. We believe that every little thing matters. A lot.

We’re continually seeking ways to improve our dedicated team’s quality of life—which also enhances the quality of our services. We have an A+ rating with Better Business Bureau and keep striving to be the best in the pest control industry—and in the entire service sector.

In 2019, we partnered with Anticimex. Founded in Sweden in 1934, these industry-leading pest control experts have 4,500+ employees in seventeen countries around the globe. Through this partnership, we continue to provide world-class pest control, including termite control and a broad range of residential pest control servicesmosquito control, and lawn care services. We’ve handled pest problems for more than 150,000 people so far, using environmentally friendly solutions, providing preventative care with packages including several service dates per year to keep your home safe.

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Termite Control FAQs:

First, whenever you first suspect or become aware of a termite presence, it’s important to address it as quickly as possible. Termites can eat on wood around the clock during any season, and you don’t want to give them any more of an opportunity to damage your home’s structure than what’s necessary. That said, Constant Protection works year-round. In warmer temperatures—which is a good majority of the year in Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee—termites will forage further from their home base to find and eat the cellulose found in wood. During the colder temperatures of winter, though, termites are most likely to remain closer to their nests; when that’s in your home, they’ll be the most consistently in the areas where we’ll apply our termite treatment. 

At Waynes Pest Control, we don’t spray. We use a much more effective treatment: Constant Protection™. This termite treatment begins working the moment that one of our pest control professionals puts it into the ground. How? Certain types of termites within a colony are in charge of feeding the others, and this treatment contains a kind of bait that they actually prefer over wood. Once they feed on this bait, they can’t moult any more, and these termites die. Once they’re gone, there are no members of the colony able to feed the rest of them, and so they also die. So, when you contact us for Huntsville termite control or termite services in Birmingham, Nashville—or any of the other cities in our significant tri-state service areas—we’ll conduct a thorough termite inspection and then place Constant Protection™ stations ten feet apart around your home and in any other areas conducive to termite activity. Then, we’ll regularly check on them and replace them as needed. 

We’d have to refer again to what we use: Constant Protection™ baiting systems with AlwaysActive technology. For more specifics about how it works, look at the main page or the answer to the FAQ of “How many times a year should you spray for termites?” For your free termite inspection and to get started with treatment, please fill out the form on this page, contact us online, or call 1-866-929-6371. Your home really should be your castle, and we’re here to make it termite free.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) lists termite treatments, which can include physical barriers installed during the home’s construction with certain sizes of steel mesh and sand having some effectiveness. They also note that, in laboratory settings, nematodes (roundworms) and fungi have shown some success. What you’re probably interested in, though, are types of termite control that pest control professionals can apply to get rid of termites. Those include termite bait, liquid termiticides applied to the soil, wood treatments, and when building materials are infused with termiticides. At Waynes, we use the highly effective Constant Protection™ technology, which is bait strategically placed into the ground. So, if you need termite control in Birmingham, Huntsville, Nashville, or any of our other service areas, let us know. We’re happy to get started with a free termite inspection.

Step one: as soon as you suspect or know of a termite presence, reach out for professional help. In the United States alone, termites can cause more than $5 billion in damage each year, wreaking havoc on people’s homes—so they’re nothing to fool around with. Then, reach out for a professional inspection in your locale. As far as the specific method, we are 100 percent confident in the highly effective termite treatment we use: Constant Protection™ baiting systems with AlwaysActive technology. To get started, just fill out the form on this page, contact us online, or call 1-866-929-6371.

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