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Professional Wildlife Removal Services in Birmingham, Huntsville, Knoxville

Are you hearing strange noises like scratching and scurrying coming from your attic or walls? Chances are your home has become a residence for unwelcome wildlife such as rats, squirrels, or raccoons. If you’re searching for wildlife removal in Birmingham, Huntsville, or Knoxville, you’ve come to the right place.

Waynes Pest Control Wildlife Removal Services offers quick and safe removal of wildlife so you can sleep at night knowing your home is free of these unwanted visitors.

All our services are completely humane. Plus, we use the safest methods available in wildlife trapping and elimination, resulting in the unwanted critter being released in an appropriate location.


Why Call Waynes for
Wildlife Removal?

If you are considering the DIY technique, do yourself a favor and call us instead!

These critters are unpredictable and tend to lash out, bite and become aggressive as you invade their personal space. Wild animals are dangerous and some carry rabies, which can be fatal if left untreated.  We do not want you to get hurt or sick.  Plus, there are legal issues associated with removing wild animals.

Therefore, the best line of defense is to call us for professional wildlife removal services in Huntsville, Birmingham, and Knoxville.


Fast-Acting, Long-Term Coverage, and Exceptional Customer Service!


Types of Wildlife You May Encounter

Animals need three key elements to survive: food, water, and shelter. Instinct drives them to constantly seek out places that are warm, dry, and protected - which is why they end up in your home.

Gray and flying squirrels are cute and charming critters that may seem harmless as they frolic in your yard, but this is not the case once they enter your home. They quickly become a nuisance as they venture into your attic, chew on electrical wires, and create nests throughout your home.  In addition to damaging your property, they also pose health risks, since they can carry nasty diseases, fleas, and other hitchhikers.

Known for their adaptability, raccoons are clever creatures that gravitate towards trash cans, and look to damage your landscape and gardens.  Some find their way into your home causing structural damage. They also pose health concerns since they can carry fleas, other parasites, rabies, and roundworms.

Bats in your home are extremely disturbing - and scary!  Bats prefer high places, like attics, chimneys, or porch ceilings. They are typically quiet, although you might hear squeaking or scratching noises when they're on the move. The telltale sign of where bats are roosting is their large droppings. 

Call us for removal right away. Their waste can cause serious health issues and damage to your home, i.e., leaks through drywall, ruining insulation, and damaging ceilings.

Encountering snakes in and around your living spaces can be shocking, even though most snakes are harmless.  Professional removal by one of our expert technicians ensures their safe relocation while addressing your concerns.

Known as excellent climbers, possums have a knack for taking up residence in your attic, creating havoc and destruction. They tend to leave behind large droppings that carry various parasites and diseases. They also have a thing for garbage and pet food and have been known to harass pets. Immediate professional removal by us is recommended.

Birds are delightful to watch and enjoy; however, when they make their way into your home or business, they become a real challenge you need to address right away.

Whether you’re plagued by pigeons, crows, geese, or sparrows, our proven solution will get the job done. We use the world’s largest manufacturer of bird control products, “Bird B Gone”, which includes bird netting, pigeon netting, pigeon spike, bird repellents, goose control products, electric track systems, and more to get rid of unwanted pesky birds fast.

Mice and roof rats can access your home through extremely small openings. In fact, a mouse only needs a space the size of a nickel and a rat can squeeze through an area the size of a quarter. These unwanted visitors pose health risks and will likely result in structural damage. Our professional wildlife removal will protect both your property and your family.


The Exclusion Process

Our trained technicians use the latest technology to inspect your home, identify where the critters are hiding and breeding, monitor these areas electronically, and create a customized plan to safely remove them from your home.

The next step our technicians implement is called exclusion. The goal is to keep these furry little creatures from returning to your home through entry points like:

  • soffits and fascia
  • roof vents and eaves
  • gaps and cracks
  • attic vents
  • windows and doors
  • garage doors
  • trees and overhanging branches
  • foundation vents
  • plumbing and utility openings
  • crawl spaces
  • chimneys

Our team identifies and seals all potential entry points to your Huntsville, Birmingham or Knoxville home in a way that keeps critters from getting inside.

The exclusion process serves as a long-term solution to any wildlife infestation.

Learn how to protect your crawl space.

1Waynes Team_Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee

Waynes Pest Control promises to provide you with reliable, highly effective wildlife removal services you need and expect. Our expert professionals do more than merely meet the industry standard. We provide exceptional wildlife removal services that go above and beyond to exceed your expectations.

In fact, we're so confident that you'll be satisfied with our services, we've backed our offering with the Waynes World Class Solutions Money Back Guarantee.


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Waynes Pest Control is built on the philosophy of, “Every Little Thing Matters." This tag line signifies our commitment to identifying potential issues before they escalate. Our approach resolves current pest and wildlife issues, anticipates, and prevents future infestations, providing you with peace of mind.

Count on us to take care of every detail.

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Wildlife Prevention Tips

If you suspect an infestation in Huntsville, Birmingham, or Knoxville, contact us immediately for wildlife removal services.  To keep wildlife in the wild, practice these tips:

  • Keep the lid firmly on garbage cans at a distance from your home.
  • Keep food in airtight containers.
  • Regularly check your roof for any damage or gaps and make repairs.
  • Ensure your fence is in good condition with no entry points.
  • Make sure your attic and crawl spaces are clean, dry, and ventilated.
  • Clean up any leftover food outside, including pet food.
  • Caulk around your windows, including those in your basement.
  • Keep your yard free of weeds and debris.
  • Cover exhaust fan and vent openings.
  • Keep tree limbs cut back 6 to 8 feet from the roofline.
  • Store firewood at least 20 feet away from the house.



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