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At Waynes, we exterminate pests for good and prevent them from returning to your Huntsville, AL, home. Our comprehensive pest control and sustainable approach eliminates and stops all pest problems — from mosquitoes to termites, lawn care, and more.

If you’ve finally had enough of worrying and you are ready to reclaim your home from pests that have taken over, reach out to us and get a free estimate today.

At Waynes, we believe the smartest way to manage an infestation is to prevent it. Our year-round treatment plan prevents bugs from nesting in your home. Additionally, our pest professionals undergo extensive training through Waynes University to understand your situation and do the right thing at the right time to keep your home pest-free. We are proud members of the Huntsville community and don't take the opportunity to serve our friends and neighbors lightly.

Lawn Care

Waynes comprehensive lawn care services in Huntsville are designed to help you achieve the lush, weed-free lawn you've always dreamed of. When it comes to your lawn, we like to take an environmentally-friendly approach by using eco-friendly products and techniques, including pH testing, lime applications, and more. 

We want you to feel good walking across your lawn barefoot. Our goal is for you to have luscious grass, no weeds, and healthy roots. To achieve this we offer a variety of services to keep your lawn looking and feeling good. These additional services can include aeration, weed control, lawn pest control, tree and shrub care, and much more!

Termite Prevention

Termites are silent destroyers, and if you want to catch them, it will require you to act fast. Our team of professionals uses  Constant Protection™, which features the Sentricon System with Always Active technology. This method is designed to disperse throughout the termite colony, take out the queen, and eliminate your termite infestation for good. 

Waynes will also ensure that your home’s drainage systems are working properly and that there aren’t any leaks. Additionally, we’ll advise on where best to store firewood and place mulch, since these are top locations for troublesome termites.


Mosquitoes are annoying, and they can cause nasty bites. It’s time to give them a taste of their own medicine! Waynes has several effective and environmentally friendly solutions that can rid the area of mosquitoes, so you and your loved ones can enjoy the yard in peace. 

Our mosquito control method is a multifaceted approach that includes identifying mosquito breeding grounds, eliminating standing water and overgrown landscaping, and checking entry points such as torn window or door screens.

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Other Pest Control Services We Offer in Huntsville, AL

Since ants travel in packs, the sight of one is an indication there may be others lurking nearby. An experienced pest control company, such as Wanyes, can provide you with superior ant control treatment plans that focus on wiping out the entire colony.

The first step is to make sure your home is clean by ensuring all food is properly stored and put away. Waynes can also help identify where entry points are for the pests and make sure those holes and crevices are sealed. Based on what we find, we will recommend a plan for your specific circumstances. This can include a bait approach that will target the ant colony and eradicate the ants for good.

Hornets, wasps, and bees deserve a place to call their own, but not when it’s your home. The most effective way to eradicate an infestation from your home is to eliminate its source.  If you think you may have an infestation, let a Waynes Service Professional conduct a thorough inspection and develop a treatment plan to help you win the war on these pests and gain back your home. 

Our integrated pest management (IPM) services are the ideal way to tackle a cockroach infestation. Our skilled cockroach exterminators use only sustainable, environmentally friendly pest control treatments for our customers. 

Fleas are not just irritating; they are a potential health risk. Besides leaving painful and itchy bites, they can also transmit diseases. We have natural and environmentally friendly solutions available that are designed to interrupt their life cycle and eliminate fleas for good.

Rats and mice are voracious chewers, and they can damage your home or business if you don't get them under control. If you think you may have a rodent infestation, allow Waynes to stop them in their tracks with our mess-free traps.

Spider infestations can spin a web of worry and discomfort. Luckily, our team is qualified to handle a variety of spider issues, and we have effective solutions that can remove spiders and keep them at bay. We will start by eliminating their food source and carefully applying the proper insecticide.

Our SmartPest system monitors insect and rodent activity 24/7/365 to eliminate problems before they start. It repels rodents before they enter and notifies your pest professional, so they are aware that it may require taking additional measures.

Effective pest control in Huntsville, AL, starts outside the home. We apply year-round treatments that create a perimeter. Consistent, year-round treatment outside your home prevents pest problems better than interior treatments in a crisis.

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Why Choose Waynes Pest Control for Your Huntsville, AL, Home or Business?

Founded in 1973, Waynes has acquired fifty years' worth of pest control experience. So, it's no surprise that our pest management company earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Our partnership program has also helped us collaborate with several local and regional businesses.

Waynes specially trained pest control professionals serve over 100,000 customers needing exterminators (treating at least thirty different pest species). And, of course, we only use sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions for our valued clients.

We train and certify our technicians at Waynes University, where they receive ongoing education in the field. And once they become professionals, we request they use only sustainable products that won't harm people or pets.

Learn more about our pest control services at 256-461-7863.

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Huntsville Pest Control FAQs

Early spring is the best time for pest control in residential and commercial buildings. Spraying in spring helps you destroy pests' nests while their numbers remain low. With pest colonies at their lowest populations, the treatment should be more effective and last longer. 

But if you wait for the number of pests to grow, controlling infestations at your home or business will become more challenging. You don’t have to wait until early spring to treat your home and take preventative measures against pests. If you believe there may be an infestation in your home, or if you spot insects or rodent activity in your home, it is never too early or too late to give us a call.

The treatment should be more effective and last longer with pest colonies at their lowest populations. 

Keep in mind that spring is a rainy season, so we can expect to receive a great deal of rain. During this time, be sure not to apply pesticides to your yard or the perimeter of your home or business, if you know rain will be in the forecast.

Of course, pest activity is ongoing throughout all four seasons. Many insects and rodents are dormant or fly south in winter, but not all. Several remain in your home.

The cleaner your home is, the better the outcome. Preparing for a pest control treatment ensures that we can successfully eliminate pest problems by treating every area affected by the infestation. A messy home makes it easier for bugs to hide, which can impact your results.   

While it is our mission to eliminate pests from your home, there are a few maintenance tasks you can do before your appointment, such as: 

1. Clear out empty dishes in the sink and eliminate any standing water.  
2. Take care of specific preventative cleaning and maintenance issues.
3. Remove paper goods and other lures.
4. Take family and pets with you when pest control arrives, leaving the premises if necessary.

A professional pest control treatment can take up to six weeks to eradicate your pest problem. Still, there is an upside to a slow-acting treatment; it enables pests to carry poisoned bait back to their nests, spread it around, and wipe out the entire colony.

If you are seeing more bugs after a pest control treatment, it may seem like a red flag, but it is completely normal. The treatment requires time to take effect, so it is common to see a few bugs appear who are coming out of hiding, within 10 days or less from the date of your treatment. Most of the time, simply giving the treatment time to take effect will remedy the situation. But, besides timing, there are plenty of other reasons you see so many pests after a treatment. 

For example:

  • Pests may still be in the process of coming out of hiding and carrying the pesticide to their hideout areas. 
  • Even though disrupting the lifecycle is essential to get pests under control, the cycle still needs timely interruption.
  • The humidity in Huntsville, AL, can be a natural pest magnet.
  • An unkempt home is a pest's ideal place to find food and water.

If you are still seeing bug activity more than two weeks after your treatment, it is recommended to reach out to your pest control company and let them know. They can take additional measures if needed to eliminate your bug problem. 

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