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Home Pest Control in Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, and the Florida Panhandle

Waynes Enviropest eliminates pest problems inside your home without using harsh chemicals. We’ve served more than 150,000 customers across three states since 1973, and we know that every little thing matters. A lot. We pay attention to the details to do the job right the first time, every time.


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Complete Home Pest Control

Waynes Pest Control’s comprehensive Enviropest Home Solution eliminates and prevents all types of home pest problems from roaches, spiders, rodents, fleas, and ticks to ants and more. The latest research indicates that 95 percent of pest problems start from the exterior, so our solution uses a year-round pest treatment with environmentally sound products and techniques. Contrast this against old school extermination which involved spraying toxic chemicals inside and outside the home (with children and pets present), and you can quickly see the Waynes Pest Control difference.

Our pest control professionals will arrive on time for your scheduled appointment and respectfully listen to your concerns. Then, we’ll visually inspect your home, which includes identifying easy entry points. This inspection focuses on your living areas (doorways, windowsills, carpets, closets, and more) and your attic, chimney, soffit, eave vents, and so forth. Because the kitchen is typically the most problematic, we’ll put plenty of attention there and also inspect your yard. Then, wherever pests are found, they’ll be appropriately and thoroughly treated.


“At Waynes, we believe better is always possible and that’s what we strive to provide the people we serve every day”


Outstanding Home Pest Control Services

As these brief descriptions show, pests can cause plenty of problems when they get into your home or on your property. Fortunately, our home pest control services can tackle them and then prevent them from coming back again—thanks to our Enviropest program. We also offer individual services.


Ants are among the most common pests in the world, and we get a lot of requests to get rid of them. So, if you see a few, you’ve probably got an ant infestation that’s spreading germs as they look for food in your house. If you have fire ants, contact us for our specialized fire ant service.

Ant Control Services


These gross critters can live for weeks without water and a month without food. In fact, they can live a week without a head! To add to the challenges with cockroaches, one single female roach can give birth to more than one hundred offspring a year—which means that a small group of them can transform into a full-blown infestation quickly.

Cockroach Control Services


If you see more than a spider or two in your home, they’re clearly finding food there. So, if you’ve got a spider population, there’s likely another type of insect problem, too. (Plus, despite the fact that spiders do a great job of controlling insect populations, people don’t typically like them in their homes!)

Spider Control Services


Rats, mice, and other rodents chew pretty incessantly and can cause plenty of damage to homes because of their gnawing. They also carry and can transmit diseases and fleas. Whether you see the rodents themselves or see or hear signs that indicate their presence, you’ll want them out, stat, before a small population turns into a true infestation.

Rodent Control Services


Although we’ve listed the pests that are most commonly found in Alabama, Tennessee, and Mississippi, it’s sure not all of them! Waynes provides the home pest control services you need for a wide range of these unwanted critters.

Additional Pest Control Services


Other Pest Control Services for Your Home

Mosquito Control Services

Mosquito Control Services

Our mosquito control services offer eco-friendly protection against biting insects that pose various problems, from itchy bites to the transmission of diseases like West Nile virus, Zika virus, and more. Dogs and horses can also be at risk of life-threatening heartworm from mosquito bites. Enjoy outdoor time with loved ones by choosing our mosquito-plus protection, which also eliminates fleas and ticks.

Our Mosquito+ plan includes flea control services to prevent the annoyance and potential dangers posed by fleas, such as itching, diseases, and tapeworms in pets.

Termite Treatments

Termite Treatments

Termites cause up to $5 billion in damage to properties in the United States each year, earning them the nickname of the “silent destroyers.” They can chew through wood around the clock. You may see swarms of them around the home or you might spot mud tubes on the outside of the foundation. Other signs include hollow sounding, blistering, or rotting wood or something looking like sawdust, which is really their feces.

When you need highly targeted and effective termite treatments, you can count on Waynes Pest Control and our Contact Protection™ featuring the Sentricon System with AlwaysActive technology. This year-round termite solution eliminates the worry and is backed by today’s most comprehensive coverage.

Exceptional Lawn Care Services

With Waynes lawn care services, you can have the lush, gloriously green lawn you’ve always wanted: healthy and free from weeds. We resolve your most challenging yard problems, too, including lawn diseases and insects whether you’ve got a new lawn or one that’s been around a while. (Note that lawn care services are not available in Nashville.)


Birmingham Pest Control and Much More

You and your family can benefit from Waynes Pest Control services in multiple counties in a tri-state area: in Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, and the Florida panhandle. So, whether you’re looking for Birmingham pest control or pest control in Huntsville or are in need of a Nashville exterminator, contact Waynes: online or by calling 866-929-6371.

Take Your Comfort Back

Create Your Happy Place

Families turn to Waynes when they need help creating their happy place. Enviropest for homes prevents rodents, roaches, and more. Termite protection secures your house, while Mosquito Plus eliminates mosquitos, fleas, and ticks from your property. Waynes EnviroLawn service ensures your lawn is barefoot good, and free of fire ants and other lawn destroying insects.


How Does Enviropest Work?

95% of pest problems begin outside your home. Waynes uses a comprehensive approach that employs exclusion, extermination, and 24/7 monitoring to eliminate pests out for good.


Step One:

We thoroughly inspect your property to identify pest infestations and look for signs of damage. Your Waynes Pest Professional then creates a customized Enviropest plan based on your unique situation.


Step Two:

Your Waynes Pest Professional performs a comprehensive pest service on your home. In addition to specialized approaches needed to eliminate problems identified in step one, we treat a 10-foot perimeter around your foundation to deny access to pests of all types.


Punish Pests

Since 95% of pest problems start from outside, we will inspect and monitor externally, with as-needed interior treatments so you receive year-round protection.


What Our Clients Say About The Quality of our Pest Control Services

We have thousands of 5-star ratings and happy customers.

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Jeri Lovell

All technicians and phone/office staff I have dealt with are professional, friendly, knowledgeable, and cheerful. We get quarterly pest control and never have issues with insects or other pests. We also get our termite service with Wayne's and have never had a problem with termites. Had termite inspection today and couldn't ask for better service or more professional and friendly technician.

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Rosa Cervantes

Wayne’s is fantastic, they have done an amazing job with our yard clearing from ants and weeds. They are professional, efficient, and highly reliable. Highly recommend!

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Donna Bryant

Wayne's Pest Control has been excellent at eradicating rats from my house. They are courteous, kind, professional and remained so while I was in panic mode calling in unnecessarily. Their expertise in identifying rodent and rodent behavior led to a quick resolution.

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Katherine Maes

I have been more than just impressed with the service we have received from Waynes!!! They do excellent work, are extremely professional and friendly. Also, they are always there whenever we need them regardless if it’s a scheduled service or not. Thank you for the outstanding service!!! I would highly recommend them to anyone!

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Katie Scott

Excellent communication. Technician arrived as agreed upon, performed the exterior inspection of the traps, and provided on-site results. Technician was friendly, courteous and professional.

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Frequently Asked Pest Control Questions

Waynes recognizes that pest problems aren’t one size fits all. So, our service professionals will come to your home to conduct an inspection and provide a no-obligation quote for your specific circumstances and needs. This means that, whether you need Birmingham pest control, pest control in Huntsville, a Nashville exterminator—or home pest control services in any of our tri-state locations, you can count on us for an honest and complete estimate. Reach out by contacting us online or by calling 1-866-929-6371.

Here are three good times to contact an exterminator:

1. If you know you have a pest problem

2. If you suspect you have a pest problem

3. If you want to proactively prevent a pest problem from occurring 

In each of these three circumstances, Waynes Pest Control can help! If you fall into category number one, we’ll conduct a thorough inspection to identify the species and create a plan to safely and efficiently get rid of the infestations. If you’re in category number two, we’ll do the same inspection and see if pests are present; if so, we’ll present you with a plan to get them out, ASAP. Category three? That’s exactly what Waynes program is designed to do and does well. This proactive approach monitors your home for activity to prevent problems before they can begin. 

If you’ve experienced a pest infestation and Waynes came to your home to apply treatments, know that, although we use solutions that work efficiently and well, they won’t immediately take care of every single pest in your home. For more specifics about your unique situation, talk to our service professionals. They’ll explain the treatments we use and answer all of your questions about what happens next. 

There are plenty of preventative steps to take, including sealing any gaps where pests can get into your home: around windows and doors as well as where pipes and wires enter your home. Make it difficult for critters to find food or water in your home, putting food in airtight containers where pests can’t get to them, efficiently cleaning up after eating, and so forth. Fix any leaks or other places where pests can find moisture. For a rock-solid approach to preventing pest presence, you can count on Waynes Enviropest technology. You can find more information about this technology on this page and, if you’re ready to get started or have questions, please contact us online or call 1-866-929-6371.

Waynes Enviropest system is the best solution on the market when it comes to keeping pests out of your home. So, whether you need Birmingham pest control or pest control in Huntsville—or in any of our tri-state locations, let’s get started! Contact us online or call 1-866-929-6371. Our service professionals are ready and willing to use their expertise to keep you in pest-free comfort!

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We Offer Protection Against



Ants are a common pest problem in most homes and yards, as well as many businesses and other properties. Waynes wants to help you get rid of ants with our guaranteed ant pest control solutions!



Cockroach problems are difficult to squash, so it is vital to be proactive in knowing what to look for and how to get rid of them. Call Waynes for a roach control solution!



Fleas can be harmful to your pets and a nuisance in your home, business, and other properties. Get rid of these pests with our guaranteed solutions!



Mosquitoes not only have a nasty bite, but they can also carry diseases that can harm your family and pets. Take back your backyard with Waynes mosquito protection!



Waynes Service Professionals web brush your home to keep first-floor eaves, doors, and windows spider free. Get rid of spiders in your home or business with our guaranteed solutions!



Termites can eat you out of house and home, and do some serious damage to any other properties you may own! Call Waynes for a guaranteed termite protection plan with the Sentricon System!



Finding a rodent in your home is the last thing you want to see. Make sure this pest problem doesn’t get out of hand with Waynes!


Other Pests

A Waynes Service Professional will perform a thorough interior and exterior home inspection to establish a customized plan targeting entry points and areas conducive to pest infestation.


Questions & Comments

If you have questions about our services, plans, and pricing or just want to say hello, we are here for you. Call or fill out the form to communicate by email.

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