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Why are Orange Lady Bugs in My House? Everything You Need to Know About the “Pumpkin Spice Ladybug.”


Why are Orange Lady Bugs in My House? Everything You Need to Know About the “Pumpkin Spice Ladybug.”

Fall marks the time to start thinking about all those holiday plans. You want to include all the right people, even if that means inviting your crazy cousin Larry. Waynes Pest Control can’t help you with that, but we can ensure that insects are not on the invitation list.


Asian Lady Beetles are one uninvited guest that, at first glance, are cute. However, they can be a bit of a nuisance. This invasive species looks a lot like our native ladybugs, with a few distinct differences. While ladybugs are primarily red, ladybeetles will have more of an orange hue. Because of that, we sometimes call these fall pests the “pumpkin spice” version of a ladybug!


Unlike ladybugs, ladybeetles invade your home for warmth. While they pose no serious health risks, they congregate in numbers that crowd out any holiday gathering. If you are seeing a lot of these little encroachers congregating in your home, Contact Waynes to stop your holiday party crashers.

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What is the Difference Between a Lady Beetle and a Ladybug?

Asian Lady Beetles are an invasive species from Southeast Asia. When aphids overwhelmed our native ladybugs, lady beetles were brought to control bugs that harm crops. Now though, the lady beetle has started to become an overwhelming species itself.

Asian Lady Beetles differ from ladybugs in three ways. First, Asian Lady Beetles are larger, measuring 1/3 of an inch compared to 1/8. Second, ladybugs tend to have a round shape, while ladybeetles are oval. Third, Asian Lady Beetles have a distinct black “M” where their shells meet their heads.

These lady beetles come with a couple of annoyances that require their removal. They can bite hard enough to draw blood, similar to a fingerpick at the doctor’s office. These pests also produce a yellow ooze when threatened. This ooze not only smells terrible but will stain whatever it comes in contact with.

For more about these nuisance insects, check out this article. 


Asian Lady Beetle Prevention

Sealing small entry points is the best prevention method. Cracks around windows and doors offer the easiest entry point to these pests. Lady beetles tend to start there because of the warmth of the sun. Gaps around utility cables and plumbing are another access point. If your window screens need some attention, this would be the best time to repair or replace them.

Should these Asian Lady Beetles enter your home, be careful not to squish them. Remember, their yellow ooze stinks and stains! A vacuum cleaner will remove them neatly. If you’re a gardener, use a bag in the vacuum cleaner to trap the beetles, store the bag outside, and the bugs will eat other pests in your garden in the spring!


Pest Prevention with Waynes

Professional removal and prevention ensures the safest solution to your Lady Beetle infestation. Waynes Fall Invader Services uses proactive and safe methods, so your home will be immediately ready for invited guests! Contact us today!

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