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When you're seeking the finest ant control available in Huntsville, choose Waynes Pest Control. You can rely on our exceptional extermination services provided by our well-trained professionals. Move forward with confidence as we have over fifty years of extensive experience. But that's not all — we boast an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and actively participate in the EPA Environmental Stewardship Program. Choose Waynes Pest Control to rid your home of ants today!

Ants are a significant nuisance in Huntsville and the surrounding areas in Madison County. When these pests are in search of food, they’re pretty fearless, crawling across your kitchen countertops and in your cupboards. While you might only spot a couple of them, when you do, we can almost guarantee that there are large numbers—maybe even numbering in the millions—lurking just beneath the surface.

Ready to reclaim your home from these critters? Our Huntsville ant pest control specialists are highly trained and ready to get started. We'll conduct a thorough inspection of your home, seal off entry points, and strategically place bait traps. As ants explore your home, they’ll find our bait and take it to their colonies, which effectively addresses the entire infestation. 

At Waynes Pest Control, we don’t settle for good enough. Instead, we prevent scouting ants from entering and administer our ant treatment directly to the queen at the heart of the colony.

At a minimum, a small number of ants are annoying. As they walk across surfaces and spread their germs as they hunt for crumbs, ants can go beyond being a nuisance to becoming a serious problem. Apart from spreading contaminants, certain ant species can sting or bite you and your family. Furthermore, consider underground ant colonies; they can even damage your house!

Problems that start out small can quickly become big. Ants, as a species living in colonies, leave pheromone trails for numerous other ants to locate the food sources discovered by the initial ones. Plus, these unwelcome pests can infiltrate your Huntsville home through the tiniest of cracks, crevices, and gaps.

So, before ants take control of your home, rely on our Huntsville ant pest control services. We’ll stop a small ant problem from becoming a big one by offering the finest ant control services tailored to your situation.

Alabama, including its biggest city—Huntsville—is home to many species of ants. Fortunately, our professional ant control team knows just how to identify and eradicate these pests. Some of the most common ant species in Huntsville include the following:

  • Carpenter ants: Despite being only half an inch in size at its biggest, carpenter ants can cause significant damage as they chew through woodwork, especially when the wood is old and moist. They can be black or red in hue or a mixture of both; no matter what color they are, our ant pest control experts will identify them by the evidence left behind—the holes created, remaining sawdust, and insect parts.
  • Odorous house ants: These ants hide under wood or alongside standing water, and they’re hard to spot because of their tiny size. Odorous house ants can be black or brown and are attracted to sweets. 
  • Fire ants: The good news about these ants is that they can be easier to see because of the two- to four-foot-wide nesting mounds that they create. However, that's where the positive news ends when fire ants invade your Huntsville home. These small red ants can sting, and while avoiding them outdoors might be manageable, it's not as simple once they infiltrate indoors.

Although carpenter ants, odorous house ants, and fire ants are the most commonly found in Alabama, they’re not the only ant species. There are also dark rover ants, Argentine ants, pharaoh ants, tawny crazy ants, acrobat ants, and more. And, no matter which species finds its way into your Huntsville home, once the queen sets down roots, the worker ants will get busy seeking out food. This means that colonies can rapidly expand.

At Waynes Pest Control, our pet-safe ant pest control takes care of the problem by using the ants' own pheromone trails against them. Through this technique, our eco-friendly bait will end up in the colony’s core where it can exterminate the ant infestation.

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Ant Prevention Techniques

Here are some of our best tips for keeping ants at bay:

  • Keep your food, including candy and other sweets, in tightly-lidded containers.
  • Clean and dust regularly, wiping up crumbs whenever you see them.
  • Seal off entry points into your home including gaps, cracks, and crevices.
  • Avoid piling firewood near or in your home.
  • Don’t try to block any outdoor ant highways as spraying water on them isn’t usually effective.
  • Don’t interfere with visible ant mounds.

For the most effective ant control and prevention, contact Waynes Pest Control or call (256) 461-7863.

The Initial Signs of an Ant Infestation

Initially, you might spot only a couple of ants. But once they establish a path, they'll move in a single file, driven by their mission to locate food within your home. If you track their route, you'll often discover their nest. Instead of disturbing it, reach out to us for highly effective Huntsville ant pest control. Alternatively, you can call (256) 461-7863. We're here to assist you by offering the best available ant control services today.

Is Ant Pest Control a Permanent Answer?

Our Huntsville pest control experts tackle your ant infestation at the root of the problem: the colony. So, once we complete your ant pest control treatments, these critters aren’t likely to be a problem for you for quite a while. We take a thorough approach, fully inspecting your property and identifying the species, including where their colonies are located and the highways they’ve created that lead to their colonies. Using this information, we’ll strategically set out bait that the ants will take to their queen and target the infestation at its source.

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Huntsville Ant Pest Control FAQs

At Waynes Pest Control, we understand that each ant problem differs in size, scope, and species. As a result, there's no one-size-fits-all solution or cost. Following a thorough inspection of your home and understanding the specifics of your situation, we'll tailor a customized plan to determine the price for ant control in Huntsville. If you require ant treatments for your Huntsville home, simply contact us online or by calling (256) 461-7863. We’re happy to help!

Ant infestations can differ widely, requiring our team to inspect before determining an eradication timeframe. Once our Waynes Pest Control specialist evaluates your situation, they'll gain insights into the ant species and level of infestation. The information gained during this inspection will enable them to have a more detailed discussion about timelines with you. As a general approach, Waynes Pest Control prioritizes the fastest ant treatment plan addressing the infestation both indoors and outdoors.

For the best ant control in the business, choose Waynes Pest Control. We’ll gladly put our comprehensive ant pest control treatments against any other option available today. With a dual focus on prevention and extermination, we get rid of ants for good. Ready for a home inspection? Contact us online or by calling (256) 461-7863.

As soon as you spot a couple of ants in your home, there’s almost certainly a larger population lurking beneath the surface. In fact, the ants could number in the millions (seriously!). So, once you spot an ant presence in your home or on your property, reach out to us ASAP for Huntsville pest control for ants.

When you contact Waynes Pest Control for your ant treatments, our expert team will apply a ten-foot ant barrier around the foundation of your house. We do this because the majority of ant problems begin outdoors. This form of pest control will deny ants access to your home. This treatment is effective against acrobat ants, Argentine ants, crazy ants, odorous house ants, and more! We’ll apply these ant treatments around the exterior of your house year-round to continuously repel these critters and keep them from coming indoors.

There’s an exception to this process, and that’s with fire ants. Our approach to this infestation is somewhat different because, with fire ants, step one is an application of granular bait around your yard. Fire ants will eat this bait and take it back to their mound, which exterminates the colony itself. We will guarantee this fire ant treatment for 365 days. To learn more about our fire ants service, contact us today.

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