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Troubled by rodents? Waynes Pest Control has the solution. With fifty years of experience in the pest control industry—and with specialized professionals trained at Waynes University—it’s not surprising that our company has already provided affordable pest control for 150,000+ customers. Add in our environmentally friendly, sustainable removal services, and you have a winning combination for effective pest and rodent control in Huntsville, AL.

Rodents really do cause double amounts of trouble. First, mice, rats, and other rodent species can cause significant damage to your home—and they can also spread nasty diseases both directly and then indirectly through the fleas that bite them as the rodents escort them through your property. Now the good news: we take pests and rodents out of the equation—even with the most difficult infestations. 

As step one, we’ll inspect your property and analyze the situation. This includes, but definitely isn’t limited to, finding rodent entry points and where they nest. Next, our Huntsville exterminators get down to business, eradicating the unwanted population by using traps that are mess-free, environmentally friendly, sightless, and odorless. Once the rodents are caught, our Huntsville pest control team—in other words, our rat trapping team—will remove them from the premises. 

For commercial enterprises, we offer a SmartPest control service that uses sensors to successfully monitor rodent presence. Meanwhile, non-toxic traps are already addressing the situation as data is continually fed back to our smart data hub. 

By taking a quick look at history, it’s clear that rats have been responsible for some of the worst disease outbreaks over the centuries. Often spread by their feces, they also escort disease-carrying fleas that help to spread unwanted diseases. From dysentery to hantavirus and from LCM (lymphocytic choriomeningitis) to leptospirosis, mycoplasma, salmonella, and more, rodents really are disease-carrying creatures. 

To make matters worse, when rodents aren’t busy spreading disease, they can be wreaking havoc on your home. Their ability to chew is legendary—through electrical wiring, plastic piping, structural wood, and more—which can create immense damage to your home. After they damage pipes, this can lead to unsanitary leaks and flooding. Wire chewing? This can trigger house fires. When they chew through drywall and wooden support of your house, they can really cause problems to your home. 

With Waynes’ rodent control in Huntsville, though, we’ll get the problem under control, ASAP.

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Other Pest Control Services We Offer in Huntsville, AL

Common Rodents in Huntsville

Rats and mice are two common types of rodents and within them exist numerous types of species—with plenty of them found in Alabama, including in Huntsville. Some of the rodent species that we regularly handle include the following:

  • Rats: Brown rats are quite common, and so are roof rats—which can also be called black rats or ship rats. Typically, they’ll settle in your basement or ground floor when they come indoors although some species may prefer living higher up, perhaps in attics.
  • Mice: The house mouse is the most common species, and they really love to chew through a home. Other species you may see include deer mice, harvest mice, and meadow jumping mice.

Our expert rodent control professionals will identify the species and address your unique situation.

What Attracts Rats and Mice to Huntsville Homes?

Like other species, food, water, and shelter appeal to rodents—in other words, free meals and lodging. To make matters more challenging, rodents can define a “meal” pretty broadly, being omnivorous critters that will eat just about anything. Some mice will even feast on cables and wiring.

All may be calmer in the summer while the rodents hang around outside. Once cooler temperatures arrive, though, they’ll look for refuge for the wintertime. So, it just makes sense to protect your home by making it less appealing to these unwanted creatures.

Techniques for Keeping Rodents Out of Your Home

Inspect your home for gaps and holes that rats and mice can use as entry points into the house, including small ones. Mice only need a space the width of a pencil to slither in. Outdoors, check your roof, including rafters, eaves, gables, and soffits; around windows and doors; the foundation of your home; crawl space and attic vents; and gaps around utilities coming into your home. Indoors, examine closets and around kitchen cabinets, windows, doors, and fireplaces. Look under appliances and around pipes, vents, and electrical/water/gas/sewer lines. Check inside your attic and basement. Then, after identifying gaps and holes, seal them up thoroughly.

Put food away in tightly sealed containers and clean up spills. This includes pet food and water. Take trash outdoors regularly and place it in tightly lidded garbage containers kept away from your home’s foundation. Fix leaks, including with outdoor hoses, keep grills clean, and place composting bins, birdfeeders, woodpiles, and more away from the home. Clean up brush and trim back shrubbery away from your house to help eliminate hiding spots for rodents and entry ramps into your home.

Then, when you suspect a rodent presence, promptly contact your Huntsville exterminator online or by calling 256-461-7863.

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Huntsville Rodent Control FAQs

First, the best rodent control in Huntsville is keeping the rats, mice, and more out of your home in the first place. Recommendations to keep the critters away include keeping food and liquids properly stored, checking the exterior of your home for areas where rodents can enter, and sealing any interior gaps or holes.  

These techniques can be very helpful but—because Alabama is home to plenty of rodents—sometimes, despite your very best efforts, they can get in. When that happens, contact us for affordable, efficient rat trapping! (Or call us at 256-461-7863.) Our Huntsville exterminators will eradicate the rodent infestation using mess-free, sightless, odorless, environmentally friendly traps. Once the critters are caught, our pros will remove them from your home, taking care of your problem.

Absolutely! Rodents carry dangerous diseases, both directly and indirectly, bringing in fleas that can also carry disease. They gnaw through wires, plastic piping, wooden structures of your home, and more. So, they can harm people, pets, and houses: a triple threat. That establishes the reasons why getting pests and rodents out of your house is a must for keeping your family safe and your home protected.

Once pests and rodents get into your home, though, they’re probably pretty comfortable, so it isn’t easy to get them out, DIY. Fortunately, Waynes offers highly effective, affordable pest and rodent control in Huntsville among other areas of Alabama, making the answer clear: Yes, hiring a Huntsville exterminator is worth the cost. Reach out for rat trapping online or by calling 256-461-7863, and we’ll rapidly respond and address the situation for you.

Homes that deprive rats, mice, and other rodents of the food, water, and shelter they need create a space that rodents won’t find attractive. So, they’ll look for another place that will provide them with what they require. If you don’t already have a rodent presence in your home, then strategies such as proper food storage and closing any interior or exterior gaps will go a long way in preventing rodents from infesting your home. 

Once you have rodents in the house, though, it’s a different ballgame. Mice and rats reproduce quickly, meaning that a relatively small population of them can rapidly turn into a significant infestation. Then, they don’t make it easy for you to get them to leave, DIY. So, if you suspect that you have rats and mice in your home, contact Waynes Pest Control for professional rodent control in Huntsville. We’ll stop them in their tracks with our expert team removing them from your home after they capture them through our environmentally friendly, mess-free traps. 

As soon as you suspect or know about the presence of mice in your home, contact us! The smaller and more contained the population is, the more quickly and easily our Huntsville exterminators can get them out to let you live in mice-free peace again.

Waynes is the right choice for your Huntsville exterminator. We’ve been providing world-class services to our customers since 1973 and keep doing so today. Waynes continues to look for ways to improve the quality of the pest control service we provide to you so that we can set the standard for the pest control industry as well as the entire service sector. 

To date, we’ve served more than 150,000 customers in Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee through our outstanding service and commitment to quality, including people in Huntsville, Alabama, and the surrounding areas. So, when you need help with pests and rodents, reach out! We’re here for you and ready to get started.

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