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Fall in love with your lawn again! At Waynes, we provide quality lawn services in Huntsville, AL, that can make your dream of a greener, more beautiful yard a reality. Whether you have a small single-family home with a moderate lawn, or you live in a grand estate and you need someone to revive your landscaping to its former glory, look no further than Waynes for the perfect solution. We provide quality lawn care services, as well as pest and weed control solutions, so your lawn can live to its fullest potential.

Contact us or give us a call at (256) 461-7863 and have one of our professionals revive your lawn and make it a place where you’d like to walk in your bare feet.

Sometimes fertilizer is not enough to address your lawn’s challenges. Sometimes, pests like white grubs, mole crickets, armyworms, and other bothersome insects can be the culprit for your lawn’s poor health. Our trained experts will come and do a thorough analysis of your lawn to figure out what its unique needs are. Once we identify your needs, we can provide quality lawn and pest control solutions so that your lawn thrives no matter what its challenges are.

Sometimes, your lawn can be susceptible to disease, which can cause dry spots, patches, and discoloration that no amount of water or fertilizer may seem to fix. However, at Waynes, we can identify the disease that's challenging your lawn or foliage, and implement a solution so that your grass can thrive once again.

Our EnviroLawn services provide lasting protection thanks to our custom blend of fertilizers that not only stand as a strong defense against insects and pests, but also provide necessary nutrition, so your lawn can thrive.

Contact us today and have one of our experts bring your Huntsville, AL lawn to a wonderfully lush place to walk with bare feet.

We wouldn't be the best lawn care service in Huntsville, AL if we didn't offer the total package. When you trust Waynes to get your lawn in order, we won't just provide exceptional care to your lawn and go home. Instead, we also offer quality tree and shrub care to ensure that all of your landscaping is healthy and thriving.

Whether it's winter or the dead of summer, we believe that your trees and shrubs should be as healthy as they can be all year round, so that your home is always the neighborhood's showpiece. Our tree and shrub solutions ensure that all of your foliage is healthy by providing protection against pests like Japanese beetles, aphids, spider mites, and more.

We provide specially formulated fertilizer that nourishes your plants and trees while also providing a defense against disease. To give you total peace of mind, all of our tree and shrub care solutions are backed by Waynes World Class Guarantee, which means that you’ll enjoy exceptional results!

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Experience the Benefits of Quality Lawn Care Services in Huntsville

In a perfect world, your grass is perfectly green all year long just by watering it properly. However, in the real world, your lawn will face everyday challenges like heat, animals, bugs, weeds, and more. Here are some of the many benefits of trusting Waynes for quality Huntsville lawn care services:

One of the many benefits to trusting Waynes for quality Huntsville, AL lawn care is that your grass will not only thrive, but it will recover quickly. Our specialized fertilizers help your lawn quickly recover from damage from animal urine, disease, scorching from high temperatures, and even a lack of water. When you trust Waynes, you won't have to wait months to see results. Instead, you'll see results quickly so your lawn can be the talk of the neighborhood.

Our specialized lawn treatment services promote quick growth for your grass. This means that you can enjoy a dense, fast-growing lawn that quickly regrows from damage that can occur from everyday activities like walking on it, animal disturbance, and other challenges that your lawn might face.

Another benefit to trusting Waynes for the best lawn care services in Huntsville, AL is the incredible weather resilience. Living in Huntsville, we experience warm temperatures, get plenty of rain, and even experience storms that can cause damage to your grass. However, when you trust Waynes for quality lawn care services, our specialized fertilizer creates resilience against environmental stressors, so your lawn can thrive all year long.

Dry, unhealthy grass may be too hot or uncomfortable to walk on. However, healthy grass is able to dissipate heat and still allow you to walk barefoot on your grass on a hot day.

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Get the Ultimate Lawn Care With Waynes

When you call Waynes, you can trust that we'll turn your lawn into the glorious green oasis that your neighbors will envy. We pack years of experience, education, and proven techniques into our treatment plans so that you can enjoy the very best Huntsville, AL lawn care.

It doesn't matter if you've recently moved into your home and you're trying to get your grass to its healthiest state, or you've tried all of the techniques that you know how to do, and you just can't get your lawn to be green, our lawn care professionals are experts at what they do.

At Waynes, we don't just sprinkle some fertilizer and leave, like other companies may do. Instead, we provide valuable education like watering guides, lawn mowing tips, and other key insights to help you provide lasting care for your lawn.

We'll even provide key services like soil pH testing and lime applications at no additional charge so you can get the most for your money with Waynes lawn care services.

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Huntsville Lawn Care FAQs

The cost of lawn care services varies greatly depending on the services that you're receiving, and the quality of the company that's providing your services. The cost that you'll pay for quality pest control lawn services or simple lawn care, will vary greatly depending on your home’s particular needs.

Homes with smaller lawns will cost less than those with larger lawns. Additionally, homes that need additional foliage care such as care for trees, shrubs, bushes, and flowers will require additional time and resources to make sure that all of your landscaping is thriving. 

At Waynes Pest Control, we strive to provide the best lawn care service in Huntsville, AL, by providing quality services, highly trained lawn experts, and combining them with exceptional value. Our lawn care services are affordable, and offer a realistic and sustainable way to keep your lawn in its best shape without breaking the bank.

There is no singular way to keep your lawn looking its best. Instead, keeping your lawn in its best shape requires knowledge, understanding, and proper implementation of watering and care to ensure that it is thriving all year long. There are a few key ways to make sure that your lawn stays healthy throughout the year:

  • Water Properly. One of the main ways that homeowners harm their lawns is by watering improperly. Some homeowners will water their lawns briefly and frequently believing that this will give their lawn the best health. However, this type of watering schedule promotes your grass to spread its roots in shallow dirt and become more temperamental to weather, watering, and change.

    The best way to water your lawn is to turn on your sprinklers about once a week, and for long periods of time to ensure that water travels deep into your soil to promote deep roots that resist heat. 

  • Mow Properly. Mowing is essential to keep your lawn aesthetically pleasing and under control. However, mowing can also be stressful for your lawn. In the summertime, we recommend not trimming your grass too low so that your grass has more resilience to the summer sun.

    In addition, we recommend leaving trimmed grass from mowing on your lawn, as these trimmings will decompose and put useful moisture and nutrients back into your lawn. 

  • Don't Ignore Weeds. One weed can quickly turn into many. We recommend that if you see a single weed, that you pull it up from its root so that it will not spread. However, if you notice weeds quickly spreading throughout your lawn, we recommend using an environmentally friendly herbicide to kill the weeds without damaging your grass. This prevents your grass from being overrun with pesky weeds that diminish the appearance of a healthy lawn.

During winter months, many bugs and insects can lie dormant in your grass and pose little to no threat to the well-being of your foliage. However, when spring rolls around, the warmer temperatures awaken these insects, and the first thing that they feast on is your lawn and foliage. We recommend spraying for bugs in early spring, and again at the beginning of summer. This technique will provide lasting protection during these seasons to ensure that your lawn is always the healthiest on the block. 

Ready to restore your lawn to its full potential? Contact Waynes today and enjoy service from the best lawn care service in Huntsville, AL.

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