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Smartpest for Businesses

State-of-the-Art Pest Prevention For Business

Keep roaches, rodents, and other pests out of your facility with cutting-edge techniques and environmentally-safe solutions. Waynes Smartpest uses advanced technology to safely and effectively prevent and eliminate pest problems without using dangerous chemicals like rodenticides.

Pest Prevention Is Our Business

It is more challenging than ever to attract customers and team members. Whether you're running a luxury hotel, a restaurant, or a warehouse, every detail can make or break your reputation. As businesses grow, so do pest-related problems.

Waynes Smartpest is the most precise and sustainable digital pest control system available. With the help of data-driven technology, we promote pest-free environments without using poison. Coupling your existing pest control programs with digital monitoring and capture technology will give your business a competitive edge you've never seen before.

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Around the Clock Surveillance

Our Smartpest digital pest control system continuously monitors and instantly reacts to pest activity in and around your business, delivering crucial information to our pest control professionals in real time.

Using advanced sensor technology, Smartpest detects pest activity in cable runs, ceilings or voids, food or equipment stores, or other areas that aren't inspected frequently. It's ideal for use in food and beverage processing and manufacturing plants and in and around hotels, apartment buildings, hospitals, schools, government properties, and many other areas.

This approach works for a variety of commercial applications, including: 

Avoid Costly Damage

Solving pest infestations is time-consuming, costly, and difficult. Put an end to damage caused by pests with Waynes Smartpest.

Eco-Friendly Pest Control

Waynes Smartpest, an intelligent digital pest system, keeps an eye on the things you don’t want to see. It continuously monitors and instantly reacts, preventing costly pest infestations in an environmentally-friendly way. Our Smart units are 100% Eco-Friendly, making it the modern choice in preventative pest control.

Peace of Mind 24/7

With Waynes Smartpest, pest activity will never go undetected at your business. Whether it’s during the day or late at night, the Smartpest digital pest control system is our proven solution that gives you the best of two worlds—automation and expertise.

Detect Activity in Blind Spots

Whether pests are active inside or outside, Waynes Smartpest’s innovative digital sensors will pick up on the activity and talk to each other in real time. This critical insight enables us to mobilize quickly, relocating units into high activity areas and increasing the success of your pest control plan.

Easy to Access Documents

Waynes Smartpest is an intelligent digital pest system that will automatically update data regarding pest activity and catches within your business to a central data hub in real time, allowing us to easily analyze and export the data for review.

How It Works

Analysis and Inspection

We inspect your property and surrounding areas to identify current and future risks. Based on our findings, we develop a plan of action combining our professional services with digital pest control technology.

Comprehensive Initial Treatment

Your Waynes Pest Professional will perform a comprehensive pest treatment to create a barrier and eliminate insects and other pests.


We install, monitor, and maintain Smartpest digital equipment to continually monitor and identify pest problems before they affect customers or employees.


Immediately following a successful installation, we will begin collecting, processing, and analyzing data to ensure the success of your customized pest control plan. If necessary, we make modifications to your strategy to ensure the plan is fully optimized.

Exclusion of Minor Entry Points

We provide exclusions of minor entry points to prevent pest problems before they occur.

On-going Exterior Treatments

Your Waynes Pest Professional will provide a comprehensive treatment around the exterior perimeter of your business and, as needed, treatments when problems your Smartpest monitoring equipment identifies issues.  

Web Brushing

Your Waynes Pest Professional will web brush first-floor eaves, doors, and windows to keep your business spider-free.

We Offer Protection Against

member of the EPA’s Environmental Stewardship Program icon

Safety and the Environment 

As a member of the EPA’s Environmental Stewardship Program since 2004, we take your environmentally-conscious pest control very seriously. We have eliminated the need for rodenticides, keeping employees, pets, and children safe when they visit your location.


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