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Pest Control for Government Facilities

Waynes is the Southeast's trusted source for environmentally-safe pest extermination, exclusion, and lawn care services. We provide comprehensive services that protect your facility inside and out.

Managing a government facility is a tremendous responsibility to constituents and employees. If you want your government building to represent the good things that your agency or department provides, take care of it with an experienced team by your side.

Government Facilities

Make Your City Shine With Waynes Lawn Care

Government buildings represent the constituents they serve. Therefore, it's important to keep the interior and the exterior clean and free of pests. To do this, you need Waynes comprehensive lawn care service for your grounds.

We also offer lawn care and tree and shrub services to ensure your buildings have a beautiful lush lawn all year long. We call it "Barefoot Good" grass, and it is guaranteed to impress those that visit your city's government buildings.


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Pest Control & Lawn Services for your business


Keep Rats, Roaches, and Other Pests Out For Good

Many government facilities are built on lush landscapes where wildlife can flourish and include historical structures. While this makes beautiful landmarks and preserves important history and stories, it also means your entire complex is prone to pest problems. Rats, roaches, termites, fire ants, and other pests can easily make the management of such facilities tremendously complicated.

Waynes Smartpest extermination and prevention service uses electronic surveillance to detect pests before they cause problems. We monitor rodent activity and exterminate the threat without the need for dangerous rodenticides.

Waynes customizes our approach based on a thorough analysis of your building's current pest issues. Then, we utilize exclusionary measures such as caulking and sealing to deter pests from entering the building. With 24/7 monitoring and regular inspections, you can feel confident you'll never see an unwanted insect or rodent in your government building ever again.

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More Reasons To Choose Waynes

Waynes understands the high demand placed on state and municipal organizations to be clean, tidy, and impressive at all times. We work side-by-side to help you achieve that to create a pest prevention plan that works. In addition, we offer special perks to our commercial and government clients that you won't get anywhere else:

  • Knowledgeable pest professionals at every onsite visit
  • Customized pest strategies using state-of-the-art techniques and tools
  • A proactive approach to pest prevention that includes exclusionary methods such as caulking, sealing, and screening
  • Ongoing exterior treatments that include a comprehensive ant program and web brushing along first-floor windows and doorways
  • Detailed reporting provided following each service visit
  • Rapid response to all service inquiries
  • A company committed to the environment – a member of the EPA's Environmental Stewardship Program since 2004
  • Discounts on residential pest prevention, lawn care, and termite protection for your employees
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