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Pest Control for Hospitality

Managing a hotel requires careful attention to detail. Whether you are a small boutique or a major chain, you need to invest in proper pest control to ensure guests never see rats or roaches inside your facility. Even a single sighting can cause negative reviews and deter guests from recurring stays. Waynes Smartpest and lawn care services ensure you get nothing but good reviews on your facility's cleanliness.


Cutting-edge Technology Stops Rodent Problems Before They Start

Rodents target hotels because they provide easy access to reliable food sources. Even if you haven't seen signs of rodent activity, they are almost certainly testing the perimeter to gain access. You shouldn't have to be in a situation where a guest is the first to notice that rodents have invaded your space because they are just as likely to post a bad review as they are to tell you directly. Waynes Smartpest uses electronic surveillance techniques to detect and exterminate pest problems before they start.

We analyze your facility and design a custom approach that includes 24/7 electronic surveillance, extermination, exclusion, and pest prevention. Our environmentally-friendly methods ensure your facility is safe for guests and employees. Smartpest is the go-to solution for keeping pests at bay 365 days a year.

A Picture Perfect Lawn

Your facility's lawn sets the tone for the entire guest experience. Waynes lawn care services ensure your turf is always barefoot good, and free of fire ants. We also offer tree and shrub care services. With a little TLC, your lawn and outdoor facilities can be the highlight of guests' stays.

To learn more about what Waynes can do for your hotel, motel, or bed and breakfast, give us a call today!


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Pest Control & Lawn Services for your business


Make The Best First Impression With Guests

Keeping a clean and pest-free facility is a top priority for hotel managers. It is an arduous task that must be addressed to meet health standards and maintain a high rating among guests. But with Waynes comprehensive Smartpest service, controlling pests is simple.

You don't want anyone to see roaches, rats, spiders, or ants inside or around your building. They are risks to safety and health and the structural integrity of the building. Waynes Smartpest solution eradicates these pests for good.

Additionally, we offer termite control to preserve the integrity of your building.

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