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Pest Control for Manufacturing and Distribution

Manufacturing and distribution facilities often learn the importance of pest control and lawn care services the hard way. At Waynes, we make it easy for facility managers and owners to choose us. Pest control and lawn care are like changing the oil in your car, routine tasks that keep your things in working order. An infestation can close your doors quickly, so the best strategy is a preventative approach. Waynes makes it simple and affordable to keep pests out so you can continue to do great work.

Manufacturing and Distribution

24/7 Hassle Free Rodent Control

Rodent infestation is one of the most common problems affecting manufacturing and distribution centers. These pesky vermin upset staff and disrupt warehousing and equipment, causing real disruptions in your supply chain. Stop rodent problems before they start. Ask Waynes about our 24-hour rodent monitoring and prevention services.

Waynes uses state-of-the-art electronic monitoring to spot rodents before they cause problems. Get real-time reports about rodent activity throughout your facility.

  • Rodent control without rodenticides - eliminate dangerous rodenticides and the associated liability
  • 24/7 monitoring lets you know about a problem before it becomes a disaster
  • Avoid damaged products, lost time, shutdowns, problems with safety audits, and disease
  • Ensure rodents die and that they die where you want them to. Otherwise, they can wander off and cause terrible odor throughout your facility.

With traditional rodent control, you might not identify a problem until you hear scurrying and squeaking in the walls. And once a problem is identified, it can be difficult to stop the problem at its source. Smartpest monitors 24-7 to pinpoint activity. We know you have a problem before you do and can stop it without using toxic rodenticides. We exterminate quickly, quietly, and effectively to ensure you have a clean facility without any disruptions in uptime.

Commercial Lawncare for Manufacturing and Distribution

Lawn care isn't just for aesthetic appeal -- it also supports pest control and overall facility wellbeing. A lush and healthy lawn at your manufacturing or distribution center will keep landscaping from becoming a home for rodents and other pests. It will also leave a lasting impression on employees, tenants, or potential clients who visit your facilities. With a little extra TLC from Waynes commercial lawn care, you can create a better working atmosphere with no hassle.


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Pest Control & Lawn Services for your business


Comprehensive Pest Control - Termite, Mosquito, Roach, and More

Just like rodents, insect pests can cause severe disruptions in your productivity and facility operations if not addressed at the source. Our Smartpest solution encompasses total pest control, including a facility inspection, initial extermination treatment, ongoing external treatment and monitoring, and preventative strategies to ensure pests never enter the four walls of your business.

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