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8 Cold Weather Pests To Watch Out For This Winter


8 Cold Weather Pests To Watch Out For This Winter

Winter preparations aren’t just for us – pests are getting ready too. When the cold weather hits, some pests, like mosquitoes, flies, and bees, seem to disappear, bringing relief from their irritating stings and bites. Others go into hibernation, but that doesn’t mean you’re in the clear. Despite the outdoors seeming nearly pest-free in the colder months, certain winter invaders find their way into your warm home to wait out the cold.

Here are 8 of these cold weather pests to keep an eye on this winter:

Stink Bugs:

If you spot small, grayish-brown specks on your home’s exterior, stink bugs might be the culprits.These smelly critters huddle on home walls, seeking warmth, and if given the chance, they’ll happily move inside for the winter.


Roaches, especially German cockroaches are survivors, and if they find a cozy spot in your home during the cooler months, getting rid of them becomes an even bigger challenge. Eliminate clutter and food waste to manage them and call Waynes in case of an infestation.

Rats & Mice:

With a knack for sensing subtle weather changes, mice seek shelter and warmth during winter. They often slip into homes, making nests in basements and dark corners. Seal entry points, watch for droppings, and maintain bait stations if you’ve had mouse problems before.


While many ticks go dormant in winter, deer ticks might still find a way into your home, hitchhiking on pets. Regular checks and professional pest control can help eliminate them.


The typical house spider will invade your home during any time of year. During the winter, the brown recluse, a potentially dangerous spider, tends to hide in undisturbed places that are warm. Storage rooms, attics, and basements are prime spots. Bagging unused clothing and keeping trees and bushes trimmed around your home can help manage them.


If planning a winter getaway, inspect hotel rooms for bedbugs, and check luggage and clothes before returning home. These crafty bugs can hitchhike at any point.


While some ants perish in winter, others, like winged carpenter ants, may have established nests before winter and can seek warmth in your home. The temperature drop below 15°F usually does them in, but some ant species prove to be resilient.


These wood-munchers seek food, warmth, and moisture, posing a threat to both the ground beneath your home and the structure itself. If you spot termite activity during winter, act quickly to prevent damage to your home’s foundation.

Preventive measures are crucial to keep winter pests at bay. Sealing cracks and gaps in the home’s exterior, especially around doors and windows, can help prevent entry. Properly storing food in airtight containers and maintaining cleanliness are essential steps to deter pests. Regular inspections and professional pest control services can further safeguard homes against the challenges posed by winter pests, ensuring a comfortable and pest-free living environment during the colder months.

Keep your home pest-free this winter by plotting against these sneaky invaders. Don’t wait, protect your home. Contact Us Today!

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