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Gearing Up For Fall Invaders – Brown Stink Bugs


Gearing Up For Fall Invaders – Brown Stink Bugs

Stink bugs – those pesky, shield-shaped critters with an uncanny ability to make your place smell like a garbage dump if you squish ’em. We’ve all seen them lurking around our homes or workplaces, especially during the fall. But why do they choose your business as their cozy hideaway, and how can you stop them? Our Commercial Pest Professionals are here with some tips to help you gear up for the fall stink bug invasion.

Why Stink Bugs Choose Your Business

Stink bugs come for the essentials: food, water, and shelter. When it comes to their menu, stink bugs have a particular taste for plants like grass, apples, berries, peppers, beans, and nuts. If your business deals with fresh produce or field crops like wheat, sorghum, or cotton, consider yourself on their radar. They’re not foodies, but they’re not picky either.

Stink bugs also want a cozy place to hide, preferably one that’s warm and secure. Water isn’t their top priority, but they won’t turn down a convenient source nearby. So, if your business offers them any of these things, you might find stink bugs camping out in your office.

Where Do They Hide?

Stink bugs are experts at hiding. You’ll usually find them lurking around the outer perimeter of buildings on sunny days. But here’s the tricky part: if they decide to move in and hide within your walls, they’re not likely to come out unless they catch some rays. If they’re inside your walls, you’re most likely catching a whiff of them and it’s time to Call Wayne’s.

Preventing a Stink Bug Invasion

Seal Cracks and Gaps:

Stink bugs sneak into your space through cracks and gaps. The best time to seal these openings is in late spring or early summer when overwintering pests have hit the road. Pay extra attention to those south-facing exterior walls that soak up the sun – they’re stink bug magnets!

Professional Inspection:

Sometimes, these pests decide to make themselves at home in your attic, vents, or ceiling spaces. Wayne’s pest control professionals are trained to hunt down vulnerabilities in your property that could make it more tempting for stink bugs.

Turn Off Outdoor Lighting:

Stink bugs love light. If you have outdoor lighting, keep it low or off as much as you can.

Control humidity:

Humidity is a magnet for pests of all kinds, including stink bugs. Ensure your property has proper ventilation and no leaky pipes or fixtures to keep humidity in check.

Don’t Squish – Relocate:

Whatever you do, resist the urge to squish stink bugs. They release a not-so-pleasant odor that can attract more of their kind. Instead, gently relocate them outside.

Eliminate food sources:

Stink bugs have a taste for fruits, veggies, legumes, and nuts. Keep these tasty treats well hidden to avoid attracting these hungry critters. This is especially important if you are near agricultural areas or farms.

Check Up With Landscaping:

Stink bugs like to hang out in leaf piles and vegetation close to your office. So, give your landscaping a little love by raking away those leafy hideouts. It’ll discourage stink bugs from loitering near your walls, looking for a way in.

Learn more about Fall invaders.

Take Action Today

Worried about stink bugs settling in for the winter? Don’t wait until it’s too late. Give us a call at 866.WAYNES1. Our goal is to provide service before the first frost arrives. The best way to avoid a stink bug infestation is to stop them from moving in before they even arrive.

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