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Nobody wants to share their home with mice and rats. So, when you’ve got a rodent population in your house, just let us know. Waynes Pest Control has fifty years of experience in the industry with Waynes University-educated, specialized professionals ready to solve your problem. To date, we’ve provided affordable pest control for 150,000+ customers through environmentally friendly traps and sustainable removal services, and we’re here to help you with our highly effective Nashville rodent control.

Rodents cause tremendous damage to homes in Nashville while also spreading diseases and fleas. So, not surprisingly, rodent control services are a core part of what Waynes Pest Control provides. From mice to rats, we take them out of the equation in even the trickiest situations. 

The process starts when our skilled service professionals inspect the home and analyze the scenario. This involves finding entry points for rodents and discovering where they nest. Next up, we use mess-free, environmentally friendly traps to eradicate the infestation. After the rats and mice are caught in our odorless and sightless traps, our rat trapping team will remove them from your home. Problem solved!

For commercial customers, we use our SmartPest control service to monitor the situation and address any problems. Sensors detect rodent presence with our non-toxic traps dealing with the issue as our smart data hub continues to receive data. Then, no matter whether you’re a residential or commercial customer, regular inspections will give you peace of mind.

Throughout history, rodents have often been the culprits behind terrible outbreaks of disease, spreading it through their feces. Rats also escort fleas wherever they go; problematic all on their own, fleas also spread unwanted diseases. Diseases connected to rodents include LCM (lymphocytic choriomeningitis) and hantavirus as well as dysentery, mycoplasma, salmonella, leptospirosis, and more. 

While not busy spreading diseases, rodents are gnawing through plastic piping, wood, electrical wiring, and more in your home. The result? Damaged pipes with unsanitary leaks that can also lead to flooding. Chewed-through wiring is a recipe for disaster, triggering house fires, and damaged wood and drywall can weaken your home’s structural integrity. 

Fortunately, because our Nashville exterminators know the problem can be significant, they don’t fool around when we receive a call for help. Our rodent control experts will analyze the damage done by your rodent infestation and actively address the issue.

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Common Rodents in Nashville

Rats and mice are abundant in Tennessee, including in Nashville, with multiple types of each species. Some of the kinds we typically handle include these:

  • Rats: Common types include the brown rat as well as the roof rat with the latter type also called ship rats or black rats. They’ll usually settle in your basement or ground floor once they get in your house, but some species prefer attics and other higher locations in your home.
  • Mice: The house mouse loves to gnaw through a home, and they are the most common species. Others that may get into your Nashville home include harvest mice, deer mice,  and meadow jumping mice.

With our Nashville rodent control services, we’ll identify the species bothering you—and then efficiently and affordably take care of your problem.

In short, free food, water, and lodging. Like other species, this is what rodents need to survive and then thrive. Some rodent species will define a “meal” in pretty broad ways, too, since these critters are omnivorous. When we say that they’ll eat just about anything, we’re not kidding. Some mice will even consider cables and wiring a feast. 

As rodents hang around outdoors in the summer, the situation in your home may be calmer. But, once winter looms and cooler temperatures arrive, they’ll hunt out a home. So, make your house less appealing to them so they don’t call it “home.”

If you have a space as wide as a pencil in your home, a mouse can slither in. So, inspect your house for gaps and holes—even small ones—that can serve as entry points for rodents. Starting outdoors, examine the rafters, eaves, gables, and soffits around your roof as well as spaces around doors and windows (particularly ones without weatherstripping). Look around your home’s foundation, check out attic and crawl space vents, and examine gaps around utilities coming into your home. 

Indoors, look under appliances and around windows, doors, kitchen cabinets, and fireplaces. Examine your closets. Check around electrical/water/gas/sewer lines and vents and in your basement and attic. Wherever you find gaps, indoors or out, thoroughly seal them up.

As far as food, put all away after eating, using tightly sealed containers, and clean up spills. Do the same with pet food and water. Regularly take trash outdoors to put it in garbage cans located away from your home’s foundation; make sure they’re tightly lidded. Fix leaks and keep woodpiles, composting bins, and more a distance from your home. Trim back shrubbery from your house to eliminate entry ramps and clean up brush to get rid of hiding spots for rodents. 

Still suspect a rodent presence? Promptly contact your Nashville rodent control professionals online or call 615-224-8329.

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Nashville Rodent Control FAQs

Once you know (or even suspect) that you have a rodent infestation in your home, contact us! The more quickly we inspect your home and analyze the situation, the sooner our Nashville exterminators can address the problem for you and allow you to live in rodent-free peace. 

When looking for a Nashville exterminator, Waynes Pest Control is the right company for your Nashville rodent control services—a world-class choice since 1973. Even after fifty years in the business, we continually look for ways to improve our services, aiming high: to set industry standards for pest control services as well as the service sector overall. We’ve served 150,000+ customers in Tennessee, Alabama, and Mississippi to date, including in Nashville and surrounding areas. Need help? Simply reach out! We’ve got the experience and know-how to get the job done right.

Recommendations to keep rats, mice, and more out of your home in the first place include depriving them of food, water, and shelter. If, despite your best efforts, they get in, Waynes Pest Control provides highly effective Nashville rodent control services. They start with a home inspection and strategic use of environmentally friendly, mess-free, sightless, and odorless traps. Once the rodents are caught by our Nashville exterminators, our rat trapping team will take them out of your home. We can take care of even difficult infestations, and regular inspections afterwards will keep rats, mice, and more out of your Nashville home.

Plenty of factors exist, including the size and scope of the rodent infestation and how entrenched they are in your home. Perhaps they’ve recently arrived and aren’t hunkered down yet, or maybe they’re already settled inside of your walls. As soon as you suspect a presence, it’s important to call because rats and mice can reproduce quite rapidly.

Mice can start breeding at the young age of just four weeks with each female mouse able to have five to ten litters annually with each one having up to six youngsters—and that’s just one female mouse! To make matters worse, mice can breed all year long. Rats start reproducing at a young age, too, and they can have numerous litters annually with up to a dozen pups each time. So, a relatively small population can quickly grow. 

In general, our rat exterminators can address the problem in a matter of weeks with some of the most challenging infestations taking a couple of months. To get a professional estimation of your specific timeframe, just let us know. Our service professionals, educated at Waynes University, can analyze your situation and give you an answer that’s more targeted to the rodent infestation in your home. Then, our Nashville exterminators will efficiently solve the problem. 

A variety of methods exist, including baits with pesticides and home fumigation. At Waynes Pest Control, we use environmentally friendly traps that are mess-free, sightless, and odorless. We’ll place them strategically in your home and, when the rodents are caught, our rat trapping experts will remove them. Then, we’ll conduct followup inspections. Using our recommendations in the “Keeping Rodents Out of Your Home: Effective Strategies” part of this page will help to keep them out—and, if our services are needed again, our rat exterminators will take care of the rodent presence. 

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