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Whether it's summertime and you're out barbecuing with the family, or it's springtime, and you're outside enjoying your backyard under the night sky, you want to be able to enjoy your outdoor space without constantly swatting at mosquitoes. Living in Tennessee, mosquitoes are part of life, however they don't have to be part of your home. At Waynes Pest Control, we provide eco-friendly and safe mosquito control in Nashville, TN. Whether you live in a lakeside oasis, or a secluded cottage, we believe that you should be able to enjoy your outdoor space with peace of mind.

Schedule an inspection in Nashville with Waynes Pest Control today, and find out why residents trust us for all of their mosquito control needs.

We've become so accustomed to living amongst annoying insects like mosquitoes, that we can sometimes forget how dangerous a bite from one of these bugs can be.

When you trust Waynes Pest Control for mosquito extermination, you're trusting a highly experienced company that goes above and beyond other mosquito control companies. Our experts don't simply arrive at your home, spray a barrier of protection and leave. Instead, our highly trained service professionals will first perform a thorough inspection of your property, before applying the dynamic treatment that would best suit your needs.

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What You Can Expect from Waynes Mosquito Treatment Services

First, one of our mosquito control experts will arrive at your home and perform a thorough inspection of your property. During this inspection, your expert will look for any places where mosquitoes may dwell or any type of environment that can attract these irritating insects. Additionally, our experts look for potential breeding grounds on your property where mosquitoes may lay eggs. Nearby creeks and ponds can be large breeding grounds for mosquitoes. However, not all breeding grounds are large bodies of water. Empty containers in your backyard, such as empty flower pots or bird baths, can also be breeding grounds for these pests.

After we've inspected your property, we will create a unique treatment plan specific to your home. In addition to us creating a perimeter that prevents these flying insects from dwelling on your property, we’ll also treat any areas that we find in your backyard or around your home that can be dwelling places for these insects to hide. All of the methods that we use for mosquito control in Nashville are environmentally friendly, and family safe to ensure that you and your animals are unbothered by the products we use to exterminate mosquitoes.

Another important part of our treatment process is that we not only treat the mosquitoes that are swarming your backyard, but we also treat the eggs that have yet to hatch. We treat or eliminate mosquito breeding grounds on your property to ensure that you can enjoy your outdoor space without constantly having to swat at these insects.

Protect Your Home and Your Family from Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are most active from March through October. These blood-sucking pests produce itchy bites and are known to carry deadly pathogens, bacteria, and viruses that can make you and your family sick. If bitten, you have a one in 300 chance of catching a virus like Zika, Malaria, and West Nile Virus. At Waynes Pest Control, we recommend you receive mosquito extermination about every four to six weeks, with your first treatment being in March. This ensures that you have the best protection throughout the year.

Mosquito control in Nashville is extremely important because these insects can multiply and infest your yard or outdoor space quite rapidly. Mosquito eggs can hatch in as little as five days, and those larvae become adults in as little as eight days. Once adults, mosquitoes can lay hundreds of eggs at a time, so it's important to make sure that you exterminate them before they take over your backyard or outdoor space. 

Even though you may not see them, there are several hiding areas in your yard where mosquitoes love to hide. Empty flower pots and birdbaths are just some of several of their favorite hiding spots. If you think you have a mosquito problem, we’ll have a Waynes service professional inspect your backyard to identify any places where mosquitoes may be hiding.

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Other Pest Control Services We Offer in Nashville, TN

Preventive Pest Control in Nashville

When it comes to keeping pests under control in Nashville, the best approach you can take is a proactive one. That means, scheduling routine pest inspections with Waynes to ensure your home will be free of ants, cockroaches, rodents, and other pesky pests. If we detect an infestation, we'll treat it with environmentally-friendly solutions that work, yet won’t be harmful to your pets or your family. Nashville pest control solutions from Waynes Pest Control are strong enough to eliminate pests and keep them at bay, yet safe enough for your family to be in the home during the application process.

Smartpest Pest Prevention

At Waynes Pest Control, we have several environmentally-friendly solutions available to combat your pest problems in Nashville. Our Smartpest system can monitor insect and rodent activity inside your home 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so you can quickly become aware of new infestations and act fast. Since 95% of infestations begin around the exterior of your home, we also offer a solution that can treat this area, as well. With our Enviropest solution, a professional can inspect your home on a quarterly basis and apply an eco-friendly treatment that will place a protective barrier around the perimeter of your home to keep unwanted pests out for good.

Termite Prevention

Termites are known as silent destroyers because once you notice them, it’s usually too late. If you think you may have a termite infestation, Waynes can help. For termites, we use Constant Protection™, which features the Sentricon System with Always Active technology. This method is designed to disperse throughout the termite colony, and take out the queen, which can rid your home of terrible termites.

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Nashville Mosquito Control FAQs

The best way to provide effective mosquito control in Nashville is to call Waynes pest control. We take a dynamic approach to providing a custom treatment for your home and outdoor space. In addition to providing timely service, we will spray the perimeter of your home, look for places where mosquitoes dwell in your backyard, as well as identify any potential hiding places and breeding grounds.  

Oftentimes, when we go to inspect a home and look for places where mosquitoes can dwell, homeowners are often shocked to learn that their home features so many ideal locations for these devious insects. Piles of leaves, foliage, clogged gutters, and even tall grass can all be safe havens where adult mosquitoes like to sleep. 

Once your home's particular needs have been identified, we will provide effective treatment so that you and your family can enjoy your outdoor space without worrying about an infestation of mosquitoes this season. We also provide helpful insight to prevent mosquitoes from breeding on your property so that you can make the most of your mosquito extermination from Waynes Pest Control.

Mosquito control in Nashville is most effective when you start the mosquito extermination process before or at the very beginning of mosquito season. This prevents mosquitoes from overtaking your home or outdoor space.

In the United States, we have about 200 different types of mosquito species that live throughout the country. Here in Tennessee, we have 12 different types of mosquitoes that can plague us during the spring and summer months. Most mosquito species become most active after sunset and sleep during the day to avoid direct sunlight. Sometimes, homeowners may not realize how bad a mosquito infestation can be because they may not go outside very much at night. However, it is equally important to make sure that your home has been treated for these dangerous insects so that you have peace of mind all year long. 

Because mosquitoes can multiply so quickly, we recommend starting your first mosquito extermination in March of every year.

The cost of mosquito extermination will vary greatly depending on your home's particular needs and the size of your outdoor space. As you might suspect, smaller homes with smaller outdoor spaces may cost less than larger homes with more broad outdoor spaces. This is often because larger outdoor spaces require man hours, more product, and more time to protect these large outdoor spaces. Additionally, it can take more time to spot mosquito breeding grounds and mosquito dwellings in large outdoor spaces. 

However, when you trust our pest control service professionals to handle your mosquito control needs in Nashville, you'll get the most value for your dollar. While other mosquito control companies may try to sell you expensive services that you may not need, we at Waynes Pest Control feature honest professionals who will not oversell you on treatments that will not benefit you.

We will provide you with an honest quote of the services that your home needs for the mosquito control that you're looking for.

Contact Waynes Pest Control today and get a no-obligation quote on effective mosquito control so that you can have the protection you need all season long.

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