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Whether you intend on living in your Chattanooga, TN home for life or see it as an investment with a mind to selling in the future, Waynes’ termite control can play a leading role in ensuring that your home is stable, secure, and valuable. Termites love nothing more than to chow down on wood, but with Waynes’ termite treatment schemes, you can stop your home from becoming a smorgasbord.

Termite remediation and termite management are popular services here at Waynes. We utilize Sentricon’s AlwaysActive system to bait and capture termites with our termite traps and EPA-approved organic termite protection solution. This is then taken back to the termite colony nearby, eradicating the infestation. With Waynes’ termite control methods, we know how to get rid of termites without tenting.

Our Enviropest system offers constant protection all year round. Once we’ve eliminated the colony, we’ll regularly maintain the Sentricon System, ensuring constant protection. Our service is even transferable to new homeowners, making it a prized asset if you sell your termite-free home.

The first step to identifying termites in Chattanooga, TN, is to call Waynes for a termite inspection. However, while we excel at termite detection, you can spot a few of the tell-tale signs for yourself.

Rising from the ground to your home and through wood, termite tubes can be tricky to find. These straw-like passageways are a clear sign that termites are around, though. Classics like hollow-sounding wood when you give it a knock are alarm bells, too. Termites may also leave tell-tale patterns in your wood, and buckling floors, walls and cracks also indicate that something may be wrong. Termite bites – which are rare – are often confused with other bug bites and aren’t an overly reliable way of determining if there’s a problem.

How much termite damage is too much? Any termite damage is unlikely to be good news. It devalues your Tennessee home but having termites in the house can potentially make it a dangerous place to live. Common termite damage can include:

  • Swollen or buckling walls, beams, supports, and struts
  • Cracks, potentially leading to water damage from termite tunnels
  • Loose tiles or weakened foundation
  • Holes in drywall
  • Rotten floors and ceilings that could collapse with weight on them

As you can see, it is critical that you learn how to get rid of termites. Don’t hesitate to give Waynes’ pest control team a call even if you don’t suspect any of these problems. It is better to catch the damage early before a lack of termite control makes it too severe to repair.

Termites don’t always reside underground or in wood. Some termites can fly, and flying termites or winged termites can often be mistaken for ants. When a colony expands or dies, some termites seek out new grounds and can fly toward your property. The colony they build will be below ground and could be hundreds of feet away from your home. This doesn’t mean that they can’t reach your residence.

There is no one reason why termites might choose Chattanooga, Hamilton County, Tennessee to set up shop. However, they can find their way into your home for various reasons. The following could all be reasons why they’ve chosen your residence:

  • Untreated lumber lying around your home
  • Cracks in the foundation
  • Leaky pipes and water damage
  • Mulch stored by the side of your home

Termites also have half-a-dozen other reasons to see your home as a restaurant. Our professionals will be able to give you a rough idea. Given the damage that they can cause, termite extermination is essential. After defeating termites, our termite treatment and prevention plan will keep your home safe from reoccurrences.

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Chattanooga Termite Control FAQs

Our experts know how to kill termites and how to keep termites away permanently. Waynes’ certified professionals are all you need for guaranteed effective termite control. However, while termite prevention is not guaranteed without a termite exterminator who knows how to treat termites, there are still home treatments you can use in Chattanooga, TN.

For instance, termites love to munch on wood, particularly decaying wood. Remove any dead trees, rotting wood or stumps from your yard. Follow that up by storing firewood elsewhere. Only bring it in when you want to burn it. Don’t keep mulch above the siding and remove pools of standing water from underneath your home. Finally, treat any wood you have, as termites dislike the chemicals in treated wood.

Without Waynes termite treatments, none of these will be one hundred percent effective, but they will decrease the desirability of your home to these wood-munching invaders.

In Tennessee, we tend to suffer from the same termites as elsewhere in the South. What are termites? These ant-like insects live in immense colonies and use tunnels and tubes to climb from that colony into the softwood and walls of your home. Once inside, termites and even baby termites will eat away at it.

Chattanooga is subject to subterranean termites and ground termites for the most part, and both can be effectively wood termites or wall termites. We also find damp wood termites (as opposed to dry house wood termites), although these predominantly reside outdoors and aren’t specifically house termites.

Our pest control professionals are educated from Waynes University in the various termites common to our region. Our termite control service will determine which termites you have, and we’ll deal with them accordingly.

Our termite control service is thorough, and the Sentricon AlwaysActive operates around the clock. Our best termite treatment will see solutions and bait stations attract wandering termites. Once caught, they will pass the treatment on to their entire colony, even eradicating unhatched termite eggs. While we have other termite treatment options, the premium protection package is the way to go if you want long-lasting termite control.

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