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Lawn Care Company Lush Lawn. Healthy grass beneath your bare feet. Glorious. Imagine every little blade in place, healthy roots, no weeds, and a wonderfully lush place to walk with bare feet. Supporting the health of your lawn while it does what it was created for is what we’re passionate about.
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Waynes Environmental Sciences
Waynes Lawn Care Services for Healthy Lawns At waynes, our lawn care services make it easy to get the gloriously green, weed-free grass you've always dreamed of. With years of proven experience caring for thousands of lawns and extensive training through Waynes University, our Lawn Professionals have the ability to resolve the toughest of lawn problems.
Envirolawn by Waynes Whether your lawn’s been around for a while or brand new, envirolawn provides a year-round foundation for a lawn you can be proud of. In addition to our custom-blended fertilizers, we provide protection against damaging insects and lawn diseases.
We use low-odor products so you can enjoy your lawn - even the same day they are applied.
In addition to applying our custom-blended fertilizers, we provide protection against damaging insects and lawn diseases.
Our Lawn Professionals will help you maintain a beautiful lawn by sharing watering tips, and lawn mowing tips so you'll have more time for your family and the hobbies you enjoy.
We will care for your home and family by utilizing products and treatment techniques that are environmentally sound, including pH test and lime applications.
We'll also include value-added techniques like pH testing and lime applications for no additional fee.

Mosquito Management

Now you can explore the great outdoors without a swatter. At one time, we simply thought mosquitos were annoying. Now we know the diseases they carry are serious. After an inspection of your property one of our Mosquito Professionals will customize a plan of attack suited to your needs.

Fire Ant Prevention

Destructive and dangerous, fire ants are a fact of life in the South, but they don't have to be a problem in your yard. Our one-application treatment can keep your lawn fire ant free for one full year - guaranteed. Like all of our services, your Waynes Fire Ant Solution will be backed by our World Class Guarantee. The treatment includes:
Year-round fire ant prevention using Top Choice fire ant bait. No charge on-call assistance and additional treatment. Guaranteed fire ant results with one application. We will be on-guard to protect your lawn from fire ants for 365 days after application and will return at no charge to eliminate any fire ants that return.
Tree & Shrub Care Think of healthy trees and shrubs as the perfect accessory for your landscape. Waynes Tree and Shrub Care Solution includes Seasonal Tree and Shrub Treatments throughout the year to ensure that you have a landscape you can be proud of. Waynes tree services can help you ensure your entire landscape is green, healthy, and beautiful:
Our Tree and Shrub Care Solution provides protection against damaging insects like japanese beetles, lace bugs, aphids, spidermites and bag worms.
We also provide protection against foliar diseases like leaf spot and powdery mildew.
We will care for your home and family by utilizing products and treatment techniques that are environmentally sound.
Our special fertilization process nourishes your trees and shrubs, encouraging more vibrant flowers and foliage.
Our Tree and Shrub Care Solution is covered by the Waynes World Class Guarantee.
Ask us about our additional lawn services:
Aeration Aeration
Disease Management Disease Management
Insect Management Insect Management
Grub Management Grub Management
Mole Cricket Management Mole Cricket Management
Soil Testing Soil Testing
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