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Do You Have a White Grub Problem?

Grub management typically refers to white grubs, one of the most destructive insect pests when it comes to grass. These small, white critters feed on grass at the roots and cause large sections of turf to die in a short period. (Grubs are actually the larval life-stage of several different species of beetles in the scarab family.)

Evidence of a grub infestation starts with localized patches of discolored and dead grass displaying symptoms of dehydration. As more grubs hatch, the number of dead areas will proliferate. If sections of your lawn have a spongy texture and pull back from the soil relatively easily, this can signify a grub infestation. (You may even be able to see the white grubs just underneath the turf.)

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Controlling Grubs

Late spring or early summer is usually the best time to treat your lawn for white grubs, as the eggs will have just hatched and they will be closest to the surface. Treatment can vary based on the type of grass, amount of damage done, and weather conditions at the time of application. The insecticide should be applied to the affected areas and watered afterward to ensure the treatment penetrates the soil surface.

If the grubs have already managed to damage certain areas of your lawn, fertilizer treatments can help encourage your grass to grow back green and healthy.


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Are beetles flying around your landscape this summer? Even eating your crepe myrtles, roses, maples, elms, grapes?...

Are beetles flying around your landscape this summer? Even eating your crepe myrtles, roses, maples, elms, grapes?...


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We know how frustrating an ugly lawn can be, and our Service Professionals are equipped to identify the pests and problems that are harming your grass, garden, and landscaping. If you suspect a white grub infestation, we can help! By doing an assessment early in the summer, we can provide a solution to protect your lawn from these harmful critters.

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