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Pest Control for Food Handling and Processing

Food service facilities are held to the highest standards of cleanliness. When handling and storing food, whether served to customers directly or packaged for commercial use, you must guarantee your facilities are maintained, clean, and controlled. Nothing can do more to support these efforts than pest prevention.

Waynes offers the most comprehensive pest control service in the Southeast. We use proprietary methods and environmentally safe extermination to ensure roaches and other pests never have the chance to establish a presence in your food processing facility. But it is our commitment to providing world-class customer service every time that sets Waynes apart. We care about what we do and go the extra mile to ensure your experience with us is unforgettable because we know every little thing matters. A lot.

Food Handling and Processing

Maintain An Excellent Reputation with Waynes

Reputation is critical at every step in food services, and one pest problem can bring down an entire facility. At Waynes, we help you maintain a high level of service integrity with comprehensive pest control solutions for your whole facility.

Our Smartpest solution for commercial facilities includes exclusionary methods such as caulking and sealing, as well as an eco-friendly extermination service that gets rid of rodents, insects, and other pests within the walls of your facility. We then provide frequent inspections and 24-7 pest monitoring to ensure you can stop any pest problem before it becomes an emergency. Waynes also offers comprehensive lawn care to ensure your landscaping doesn't become a home for pests outside.


Best In Class

Pest Control & Lawn Services for your business


Cutting-edge Technology Stops Pest Problems Before They Start

Rats are among the most common pest infestations for food service facilities. They cause damage that impacts the bottom line while presenting a threat to public health and your reputation. Waynes uses a proprietary electronic monitoring system to detect and exterminate rodents before they cause problems, all without the use of dangerous rodenticides that should have no place in food handling facilities.

Rodents hide in the walls and gorge themselves when you're not looking. Even if you don't see them, they are almost certainly testing the perimeter in search of their next reliable source of calories. Waynes uses cutting-edge technology to track down rats and other pests, ensuring they never get established in your facility. This helps you maintain a clean, safe, and enjoyable work environment for everyone.

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More Reasons To Choose Waynes

Waynes is the Southeast's #1 pest prevention service for a reason, but it's not just because we get rid of pests. It's because we take the time to get to know our customers and offer them benefits no other company does:

  • Knowledgeable pest professionals at every onsite visit
  • Customized pest strategies using state-of-the-art techniques and tools
  • A proactive approach to pest prevention that includes exclusionary methods such as caulking, sealing, and screening
  • Ongoing exterior treatments that include a comprehensive ant program and web brushing along first-floor windows and doorways
  • Detailed reporting provided following each service visit
  • Rapid response to all service inquiries
  • A company committed to the environment – a member of the EPA's Environmental Stewardship Program since 2004
  • Discounts on residential pest prevention, lawn care, and termite protection for your employees

Waynes is your trusted source for foodservice pest prevention and complete lawn care. To learn more about different options for your facility, give us a call today!

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