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Keep Your Home Critter Free this Winter (1)


Keep Your Home Critter Free this Winter (1)

Just like you and me, bugs and rodents want to be warm and dry. Most rodents and insects find refuge out in Mother Nature; however, if your home is not properly protected, it is much cozier to come inside than stay out in the ground.

Take a few moments to protect your home from a pest invasion. Do not assume dropping temperatures protect your home from pests; continue your regularly scheduled pest treatments for the best home coverage.

Common cold weather pest includes:

  • rodents
  • cockroaches
  • spiders
  • stink bugs
  • ladybugs

What they look for when deciding on their winter vacation home:

  • FoodFood scraps are abundant during the holiday. Crumbs, dirty dishes, and leftovers instantly become a food source for unwanted house guests. Conduct a thorough cleanup after holiday meals by taking out the trash, cleaning dirty dishes, and sanitizing surfaces.
  • WaterA drop of water to a small rodent or cockroach is almost the equivalent of a few glasses of water for a person. Point all water drainage away from the exterior of your home, protecting the outside of your home from wood rot, a favorite for termites. Inside, be sure to dry out kitchen sinks and make sure all faucets are turned off completely.
  • Easy AccessCracks and small holes are giant open doorways for rodents and pests. Able to enter through the smallest of crack and holes, mice spread disease and contaminate food. Seal all holes and cracks with steel wool and caulk. Replace old weather stripping on doors and windows. A good rule of thumb: if you can see light or feel a draft, rodent or insect could enter through it.
  • A Free RideThe convenience of having your firewood close at hand is tempting, but insects are probably living in it. When the temperature of the wood becomes warm the insects become active. Only bring firewood inside if you plan to use it that day and store it away from the exterior of your home. Always use the oldest firewood first, as it is more likely to be bug-infested.

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