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How Can Cockroaches Affect Your Business?


How Can Cockroaches Affect Your Business?

You might think cockroaches are common enough that they aren’t a big deal, but don’t turn a blind eye if you spot one in your business. Cockroach are hide-and-seek champions, so if you spot one, there are likely many more nearby that you don’t see. They also possess insane survival skills that allow them to live headless for a whole week because of their open circulatory system. Worst of all, cockroaches are known to carry all types of diseases. Needless to say, cockroaches can pose a big issue for your business. Let’s take a deeper dive just to see how they can affect your business.

Health Issues

When you think of allergies, you likely think of spring and pollen, but cockroaches are a huge allergen. Certain proteins found in cockroaches’ feces, saliva, and body parts can cause allergic reactions or even trigger asthma symptoms. Dust or even dirt in commercial settings can contain dead cockroach parts carrying these allergens. It is recommended to not touch the dead parts with bare hands if you do notice some.


They are also known to carry more than many pathogens (ex: E. coli, Staphylococcus, and Salmonella)! These bacteria are ones you never want to be associated with your business, especially if you own a restaurant. Just one cockroach can spread one of these dangerous bacteria from one surface to another, which can lead to many people getting sick.



Once customers notice a cockroach issue, your reputation goes down. For regulated environments, cockroach problems can lead to low or even failed inspection scores, patient safety concerns, and lost points on audits. Cockroach feed on just about any food source, making food supplies and other products vulnerable to contamination. As stated earlier, cockroaches are hide-and-seek champions, so it is no surprise they can crawl their way into delivered packages or supplies.


Prevention Is Key!

Our Commercial Service Professionals say prevention is key in discouraging cockroaches from entering your business. Some tips are:


  • Keep your business clean and dry. Roaches love moisture!
  • Food should always be kept in tightly sealed containers or put away immediately after use.
  • Wash dishes frequently if, in a restaurant setting, that way food doesn’t sit on the counters or sink.
  • Keep your garbage covered and take it out regularly.
  • Seal any cracks and crevices that allow entry from the outside to the inside.
  • Remove any unused cardboard boxes or paper, roaches can use these as shelter and can add to clutter in your business.


These tips may not always be the solution. Once these pests have made their way into your business, they are hard to get rid of. Cockroach are typically more tenacious than us humans. In short, it takes a well-trained Pest Professional with all the right tools to truly eliminate the infestation.


For a comprehensive, effective, and lasting solution to rid your business of cockroaches, call Waynes at 866.WAYNES1 or contact us here!! Our Commercial Pest Professionals can identify your treatment needs and ensure your business is roach-free.

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