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Whether you're enjoying a meal with your family in the backyard at night, or you want to get out and get some fresh air, getting swarmed by mosquitoes should be the last thing on your mind. With Waynes Pest Control, we’ll inspect your home and provide a dynamic, and custom solution for your particular home that can effectively provide mosquito management or mosquito extermination, so you can have peace of mind all season long.

A small number of ants in your home can be a frustration. This minor problem can quickly become a bigger one as ants establish and increase the size of their colonies. As they hunt for crumbs, they leave pheromone trails, guiding other ants to enter your Birmingham home through cracks and crevices, making it easy for the infestation to grow. This can result in ants spreading their germs and contaminating your home. 

Certain ant species may even sting or bite you and your family while underground ant colonies have the potential to damage your home. Don’t wait to take action! Reach out to our Birmingham pest control experts, and we’ll provide the best ant control services for your specific situation.

Although ants aren’t unique to Alabama, our state certainly has its share, notably in big cities like Birmingham. When you have an ant problem, our team will know how to tackle the issue. Some of the ant species we’re likely to spot in Birmingham, AL include:

  • Carpenter ants: This species of ants can be black, red, or a combination of the two colors, typically being half an inch at most in size. Carpenter ants, despite their small size, can be highly destructive, especially when infesting old and moist wood within a home. Our ant experts will identify this species by their insect parts as well as by the evidence they leave: holes and sawdust.
  • Odorous house ants: These ants are quite tiny, and they’re known for hiding under wood or beside standing water. These black or brown ants can be hard to spot because of their size, but they have a noteworthy characteristic — they are attracted to sweets. 
  • Fire ants: These ants are much easier to spot than their tinier cousins in part because of how they create two- to four-feet-wide nesting mounds. Another distinctive feature of these small red ants is their sting. While avoiding them outdoors might be manageable, it becomes more challenging once they infiltrate your Birmingham home.

In addition to carpenter ants, odorous house ants, and fire ants, various other ant species can infiltrate homes in Birmingham, Alabama, including dark rover ants, Argentine ants, pharaoh ants, tawny crazy ants, acrobat ants, and more. Colonies can rapidly expand as the queen sets down roots and the worker ants seek food to nourish the colony. This means an ant problem can quickly go from a small number of ants in your house to a large infestation.

Here’s how Waynes Pest Control takes care of the problem: Remember the pheromone trails that ants create to invite other ants to join them? We use those trails against them by laying out bait along their pathways. Once ants that seek food find this eco-friendly bait, they’ll take it to the heart of the colony. The result? The extermination of that ant colony.

Ants can become a real nuisance in Birmingham, Alabama, and throughout Jefferson County. These persistent pests invade homes in search of food, showing no fear as they explore cupboards, crawl across countertops, and scavenge for crumbs. Initially, you might only spot a few, but there are likely countless more nearby—possibly numbering in the millions!

When you’re ready to evict these unwelcome pests, contact our Birmingham ant pest control professionals. Trained at Waynes University, our ant control experts will inspect your home to locate ant colonies. We'll seal entry points and strategically place bait traps. As ants forage for food, they'll encounter our bait, carrying it back to exterminate the entire population, including the queen.

At Waynes Pest Control, we never settle for “good enough”. Instead, we prioritize delivering the finest ant control services, preventing ant entry into your home, and placing our eco-friendly pest control directly at the source: the queen and colony.

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Ant Prevention Techniques

The best ant pest control is preventing them from getting inside your Birmingham home in the first place. Here are tips on what to do and what not to do to help make that happen.


  • Use tightly-lidded containers to store your food, especially candy and other sweets.
  • Keep your house clean, dusting regularly and wiping up crumbs promptly.
  • Keep entry points into your home sealed off, including tiny cracks and crevices.


  • Put piles of firewood near or in your home.
  • Attempt to address outdoor ant highways yourself; DIY techniques like spraying water don’t usually work.
  • Interfere with visible ant mounds.

For effective, affordable Birmingham pest control for ants, contact Waynes Pest Control online or call (205) 985-7009.

Signs of an Ant Infestation

Early on, signs of a growing infestation may be small: perhaps just a couple of ants. Later, they march in a single line with their mission clear: they lay down a path of pheromones, using it to create a trail toward the food in your house. At the end of this path is typically their nest. Don’t disturb it, though. Instead, get in touch with us for highly effective Birmingham pest control for ants. You can also call us at (205) 985-7009 for the best ant control services available today.

Does Ant Pest Control Permanently Solve the Problem?

Our top-notch Birmingham pest control professionals take care of the issue at the source: the ant colony. So, after we tackle the colony through our ant pest control treatments, ants aren’t likely to trouble you for quite some time. Our approach is thorough, starting with a comprehensive property inspection. We’ll identify the species—perhaps Argentine ants, acrobat ants, crazy ants, odorous house ants, or fire ants—find the location of their colonies, identify the highways they’ve formed, and so forth. Then, we’ll create a plan to strategically place bait where ants will take it to their colonies and their queen—therefore targeting the infestation at its heart.

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Birmingham Ant Pest Control FAQs

At Waynes Pest Control, we create personalized ant pest control plans for each of our customers that are based on the size, scope, and species involved in the infestation. No two ant problems are ever exactly alike. So, for your Birmingham ant pest control, we’ll provide a quote after carefully inspecting your home and discovering the specifics of your problem. Need ant treatments? Just let us know online, and we’ll be happy to help. Or you can call us at (205)985-7009

When you’re looking for the best ant control services in Birmingham, we’d put our approach at the top: a comprehensive combination of prevention techniques and extermination that eliminates ants for good. Our expert team will lay out a ten-foot barrier of ant treatments around your home’s foundation to deny ants access. We’ll keep applying these ant treatments year-round to continue repelling their presence. (We take a different approach for fire ant treatments.) 

Ready for a home inspection and eco-friendly, pet-safe ant treatments? Contact us online or by calling (205)985-7009.

It depends upon the size, scope, and species involved in the ant infestation. Your Waynes Pest Control specialist will describe your specific situation to you, including timelines for ant treatments. We use the best ant control services (which are also the fastest) by applying treatments indoors and out.

Species can range in size and, many times, they’re difficult to see with the naked eye. Ants often march in a single file line by following the trails they’ve laid out with pheromones. You can see where these established ant highways lead and follow them to the ant colony. This isn’t a problem to solve yourself, though. Instead, contact Waynes for professional ant treatments.

Seeing just a few ants indicates the likelihood of a larger infestation lurking below the surface; this could even number in the millions. So, as soon as you notice an ant presence inside your home let us know. We’ll provide highly effective Birmingham ant pest control. You can also call us at (205)985-7009 for the same great service.

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