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Termite Control in Birmingham, AL

Your home is your castle, we are your 24/7/365 shield.

Need protection for your home?

Home. It’s the center of your world and a place of comfort and peace for you and your family. It’s the place where family memories and traditions will be built for years to come. Termites are a homeowners worst nightmare. With Constant Protection™ featuring the Sentricon System with AlwaysActive technology, Waynes can eliminate the worry. Need more? It's backed by the single most comprehensive year-round termite coverage available. So protecting your home from termites is priority number one. Your home is your castle and we are your 24 hour, 365 day a year shield.





Did you become a Waynes customer by purchasing a new home?

It's comforting to know your builder or seller chose us to protect your home with the best termite warranty money can buy. During the construction of your home, one of our professionals utilized Constant Protection featuring the Sentricon® System with AlwaysActive™ technology by Wanyes to protect your home. Call or email today to schedule your welcome visit. You'll get a free housewarming gift and learn about the way we are protecting your home, and more importantly, how you can help keep it protected!





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