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Pest Control for Commercial New Construction

Commercial construction involves numerous processes, contractors, and schedules. With so much to plan and prepare, you don't need to worry about pest prevention too! Insects like termites can derail a project before you even get to the ribbon-cutting, but Waynes is here to help.

Commercial New Construction

Total Pest Prevention and Lawn Care

Waynes Smartpest and lawn care services provide total control of your construction environment. We prevent pest invasions at the source by spraying the exterior and identifying areas for potential invasions. We also offer specialized lawn care treatments, as well as tree and shrub care, to prepare your new site for the final reveal. Together, our Smartpest and lawn care service will ensure you turn over a building you can be proud of, inside and out.


Best In Class

Pest Control & Lawn Services for your business


Better Results, More Referrals

Waynes takes care of pests so you can stay on track and deliver a facility that delights your client for years to come, leading to repeat business and referrals.

Pests cause all kinds of problems on construction sites and in new facilities. Incorporating an effective termite and pest control solution maintains your good reputation within your market and presents project delays. Termite prevention protects the raw materials and new structures from damage, while rodent control prevents mice and rats from chewing difficult-to-access wires before or after you turn over the keys.

Other pest prevention services like roach, fire ant, and mosquito control ensure the facility is in perfect condition for the new owners. When you choose Waynes, you invest in your good name for decades to come.

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More Reasons To Choose Waynes

We aren't just known for our exceptional pest control and lawn care services at Waynes. We are known for going the extra mile for our clients to ensure they're happy with our service's beginning to end. We build genuine relationships with our clients and care about our community at large. Some of the benefits of calling Waynes for your commercial pest and lawn care include:

  • Knowledgeable pest professionals at every onsite visit
  • Customized pest strategies using state-of-the-art techniques and tools
  • A proactive approach to pest prevention that includes exclusionary methods such as caulking, sealing, and screening
  • Ongoing exterior treatments that include a comprehensive ant program and web brushing along first-floor windows and doorways
  • Detailed reporting provided following each service visit
  • Rapid response to all service inquiries
  • A company committed to the environment – a member of the EPA's Environmental Stewardship Program since 2004
  • Discounts on residential pest prevention, lawn care, and termite protection for your employees

Give us a call today to start the consultation for your next new construction project!

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