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Waynes is your trusted solution for comprehensive roach control, dedicated to safeguarding your home or business from pests. Our goal is not just to eliminate current pest problems but also to prevent future infestations, giving you peace of mind knowing that your home or business is protected.

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With a love for warm habitats that provide access to food and water, cockroaches are most often found inside, you know, where we people live and work. They frequently find their way indoors through drains and pipes, then set up camp in dark, wet areas, such as a basement. But that’s just where they stay when off the clock. Otherwise, they’ll prowl around, looking for food and water, inadvertently making a mess of things wherever they go.

Not only are they gross, but cockroaches can aggravate allergies and trigger asthma attacks, especially for young children. These nasty insects can also carry and spread over 30 different types of bacteria, contaminating any open food with which they come in contact.

It’s not easy to crush these bugs once they’ve made their way in. The bottom line is cockroaches are typically more tenacious than us humans. In short, it takes hard-earned expertise and the right tools to truly eliminate an infestation. That’s where our roach pest control experts come in…

For a comprehensive, effective, and lasting solution to get rid of cockroaches, call Waynes! Our Service Professionals can identify your treatment needs and ensure your home, business, and other properties are roach-free.

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Over 150,000 homeowners trust Waynes to protect their home and family.

95% of pest problems begin outside your home. Waynes uses a comprehensive approach that employs exclusion, extermination, and 24/7 monitoring to eliminate pests for good.

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All technicians and phone/office staff I have dealt with are professional, friendly, knowledgeable, and cheerful. We get quarterly pest control and never have issues with insects or other pests. We also get our termite service with Wayne's and have never had a problem with termites. Had termite inspection today and couldn't ask for better service or more professional and friendly technician.

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Wayne’s is fantastic, they have done an amazing job with our yard clearing from ants and weeds. They are professional, efficient, and highly reliable. Highly recommend!

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Wayne's Pest Control has been excellent at eradicating rats from my house. They are courteous, kind, professional and remained so while I was in panic mode calling in unnecessarily. Their expertise in identifying rodent and rodent behavior led to a quick resolution.

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I have been more than just impressed with the service we have received from Waynes!!! They do excellent work, are extremely professional and friendly. Also, they are always there whenever we need them regardless if it’s a scheduled service or not. Thank you for the outstanding service!!! I would highly recommend them to anyone!

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Excellent communication. Technician arrived as agreed upon, performed the exterior inspection of the traps, and provided on-site results. Technician was friendly, courteous and professional.


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