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People come to Nashville from all over the world to pursue their dreams and find opportunities. Unfortunately, all kinds of cockroaches, ants, fleas, mosquitoes, spiders, termites, and rodents come here for the same reason. But you don't have to worry. These pests are no-talent hacks when matched up against a Waynes pest professional. And Waynes lawn care services keep your lawn barefoot good all summer long. 

There's no party like a Nashville party, and nobody wants the good times ruined by uninvited pests. Waynes prevents nasty rodents and roaches from taking the stage at your gathering so that East Nasty is the only "nasty" in town. Our Smartpest technology uses infrared to discover rodents before they cause a problem, and we use state-of-the-art technology to prevent pest problems from the outside in.  

Nashville is the home of the Grand Ole Opry and the birthplace of country music, but that's not all we are. We are also an education and technology hub with a growing presence in healthcare, transportation, and banking. Whether you like thinking of Nashville as "Music City" or "The Athens of the South," we have space at the party for all kinds of people pursuing all kinds of dreams. But nothing brings things to a halt with a record scratch like an uninvited pest. Prevent pests by calling Waynes to ensure the music plays on.

Organic Pest Control  That Is Safe for Families, Pets, and the Environment

Nashville is vibrant and growing, and we are also proud of our relationship with nature. Waynes uses organic pest control products because it's the right thing to do for your family and pets, and it's the right thing to do for the environment. We are proud members of the EPA's Environmental Stewardship Program because the technologies that keep your family safe are the same technologies that protect the Cumberland River and the Nashville area's countless streams, parks, and wilderness areas.

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What You Should Know About Fighting Pests in Nashville

Prevention is the key to pest control in the south. The best way to deal with an infestation is to prevent it. Waynes uses state-of-the-art Smartpest technology to prevent pest problems from the outside. Prevent pest problems before they even start with Waynes.

Year Round Pest Prevention For Your Home

Waynes follows a year-round program to keep your home pest-free 24/7/365. Our technology creates a perimeter so we can keep your home pest free without having to come inside. We've been the south's leader in pest control for almost 50 years, and we know are ready to help with all of your pest control, lawn care, termite control, and mosquito control needs.