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When you have a rat infestation in your home, you want rapid removal by the experts—and that perfectly describes Waynes Pest Control and what we do. We started out with pest control, including rodent control services, in Birmingham, AL and have expanded to a tri-state area, serving as the leading affordable pest control business for more than 150,000 customers.

Benefits of choosing Waynes Pest Control include our:

  • fifty-plus years of experience in the business
  • specialized professionals educated through Waynes University
  • environmentally-friendly and sustainable removal services

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How Waynes Pest Control Handles Rodent Removal

Not surprisingly, since rats and mice can cause so many problems for your family and home, rodent control in Birmingham, AL was an essential part of Waynes Pest Control services from the get-go—and it’s a core service throughout our tri-state locations today. Because rodents can cause an immense amount of damage to your property and spread diseases and fleas (which catch a free ride on rats and help to further spread disease), Waynes Pest Control takes rats, mice, and other pests out of the equation. 

Our skilled service professionals can handle even the trickiest rat infestations. Our solutions involve:

  • analyzing your home and property
  • finding potential entry points and their nesting sites
  • eradicating the rat infestation through mess-free, environmentally-friendly traps

Once rats and mice are caught in our sightless and odorless traps, our professional team will perform rat removal services. 

Waynes Pest Control also provides an SmartPest control service for commercial enterprises. Our systems successfully monitor infestations through sensors while our non-toxic traps take care of the problem with data continuously being fed back to our smart data hub. Regular inspections will put you at ease, allowing you to focus on your home and business. 

Rodent Infestations: What Are The Usual Suspects?

You might think that there are only two types of rodents: mice and rats. But, each of these consists of many different species, and plenty of them can be found in our area. Here are just a few of the common rodents we routinely handle:

  • Rats: Brown rats and roof rats (with the latter also called “black rats” or “ship rats”) often live in basements or at ground level. But, depending on the species, they may prefer living up high in attics. 
  • Mice: The house mouse—which loves to gnaw their way through houses—is the most common, but various deer mice, harvest mice, and meadow jumping mice are also common. 

Fortunately, our skilled specialists, trained at Waynes University, will identify the problematic rodents and take appropriate measures.