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We offer the most comprehensive warranties and guarantees on the planet. We care for you and your family by using products and techniques that are environmentally sound. We proactively share lawn and pest tips that allows us to team up with you for an unmatched service experience.
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When you're a Waynes Customer, you can rest easy knowing your home is protected
Termite Protection Termite Protection
Includes a $1,000,000 termite damage repair coverage.
Includes coverage for wall coverings, and contents.
Constant Protection featuring the Sentricon System.
Includes Formosan termite coverage.
Pest Prevention Pest Prevention
Incorporates a thorough initial interior and exterior treatment with ongoing quarterly exterior treatments with as-needed treatments at no additional charge.
Provides protection against a wide range of pests including ants, roaches, spiders, fleas, mice and MORE.
Includes coverage for poisonous spiders like brown reclise and black widows.
Features value-added services like web brushing and fire ant protection within 10ft. of foundation.
Lawn Care Lawn Care
Prevents weed activity with comprehensive pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control.
Enhances color of turf grass and delivers optimal health by incorporating slow release, custom blended fertilizers.
Includes coverage for hard to control grassy weeds like nutgrass.
Provides year-round care featuring as-needed treatments at no additional charge between scheduled visits.
Backed by Waynes World Class Solutions Guarantee.
Home Services Home Services
Incorporates a complete home evaluation to aid homeowners in assessing short,mid, and long-term home maintenance needs.
Include proactive home maintenance designed to help maximize long-term health and value of home.
Enhances marketability of home during resale.
Delivers home project service consistency.
Eliminates the hassles assoiciated with finding and hiring mulitple providers for various home projects.
Creates more time for you to focus on the people and hobbies you enjoy most.
Allows multiple property owners to more efficiently manage uniquely different homes in multiple locations.
Landscape Services Landscape Services
Maximizes the health and appearance of turf, trees, shrubs and flowering platns - including the trimming and ornamental care associated with these plantings.
Enhances curb appeal of overall landscape and accentuates hardscape edges.
Provides weed control within bed areas so that plantings reach maximum potential.
Delivers consistency of irrigation and optimal turf height throughout the varying seasons.
Eliminates time investment associated with landscape maintenance so that you have more free time to invest in people and hobbies you enjoy most.
Offers add-on options for color, mulch enhancement, as well as hardscape design and installation.
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