1. Lawn Solutions

Healthy trees and shrubs are the perfect accessories for your landscape.


Tree & Shrub

Our Tree & Shrub Services are designed to maximize the growth potential and preserve the health of the ornamental shrubs and trees within your home or commercial property landscape. Your Waynes Lawn Professional will provide you with a personal analysis and prepare a customized plan for you that will incorporate tree and shrub fertilization as well as insect and disease management for your ornamental shrubs and trees. Waynes Tree and Shrub Service includes seasonal tree and shrub treatments throughout the year to ensure that you have a landscape you can be proud of.


Why Choose Waynes?

1 Our Tree and Shrub Service provides protection against damaging insects like Japanese beetles, lace bugs, aphids, spider mites and bagworms.

2 We also provide protection against foliar diseases like leaf spot and powdery mildew.

3 We will care for your home and family by utilizing products and treatment techniques that are environmentally sound.

4 Our special fertilization process nourishes your trees and shrubs, encouraging more vibrant flowers and foliage.