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Winter Lawn Care: Simple Yet Essential


Winter Lawn Care: Simple Yet Essential

Your lawn doesn’t need as much attention in the winter as it does in the warmer seasons, but that doesn’t mean it comes entirely off your to-do list. Too often, failure to continue winter lawn care during the colder months paves the way for health and growth problems when spring comes.

We put together a list of simple yet essential recommendations for taking care of your lawn during the winter. By following these recommendations, you can be sure your yard will be in good shape for the coming months!


If It’s Growing — You Should Be Mowing

Since your grass isn’t growing as much in the winter, your mowing duties are temporarily on hold. However, we all know the weather can be unpredictable, so keep an eye out to time your last good mow as the cold sets in. If you haven’t sharpened your mower blades in a while — now is the time to do so. Giving your grass a good, clean, cut will provide good support for your lawn’s health throughout the winter.

As part of your winter lawn care regimen, lower your mower blade. During the winter, the shorter grass helps prevent rodent infestations and snow mold (if you get snow, that is). We recommend cutting your grass between one and two inches.


Falling Leaves Can Bring Disease

Everyone loves the changing leaves; it’s a true indication that fall has arrived. As they die and drop from the trees, they turn into leaf piles and a backdrop for family photoshoots. However, letting these leaves sit on your lawn for too long can cause damage and disease. Leaves can cause your lawn to suffocate, and wet leaves can cause various diseases that can be difficult to cure.

Regularly rake your lawn to keep it free from disease. Mulching and bagging some leaves can even provide compost that can be recycled back into your landscape!


Aeration Provides a Good Foundation

Before the cold sets in, consider aerating your lawn. In the late fall, your grass works to enhance its roots in preparation for winter. Aerating your lawn will help it breathe before the ground goes dormant and relieves any buildup or tension from the warmer months. It also builds your lawn’s defenses against diseases, insects, and droughts — ultimately contributing to a greener and thicker lawn come spring.

Not convinced? Here’s a blog on why you need to aerate your lawn


Fertilize For the Future

After aeration, fertilizing your lawn provides nutrients your grass will store throughout the winter and use to get a head start on the spring growing season. One fertilization before it gets cold is sufficient to last your lawn through the winter.


Don’t Feed Weeds

Just because your grass isn’t growing doesn’t mean other pesky lawn weeds will take a break. After a few mild, rainy winter days, weeds may start to appear on your lawn among the brown and yellow grass. Applying a pre-emergent treatment is the best way to get in front of this problem, but even pulling any weeds you see is essential in preventing them from spreading.


Tackle Winter Lawn Care With Waynes!

Maybe you were planning to take a break from managing your lawn, but you don’t want to give up the healthy, thick grass you are used to every spring. The good news is, Waynes can take the majority of these tasks off your hands! With the proper winter lawn care, we can make sure you enjoy a Lush Lawn ready for bare feet this spring. To learn more about any of these services or to schedule a visit, contact us!

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