What is Attracting Mosquitos To Your Home?
  1. What is Attracting Mosquitos To Your Home?


What is Attracting Mosquitos To Your Home?

Did you know that the world's deadliest animal is an insect that weighs less than 3 milligrams? That’s right. Mosquitos beat out sharks, crocodiles, snakes, and every other animal that’s reasonable to have on a “biggest fears” list. 

It’s because mosquitos are not just annoying, but dangerous. They carry diseases that kill over a million people worldwide each year. 

These numbers aren’t nearly as high in the US. You’re far more likely to deal with bites and bumps than anything life-threatening, but the bottom line is: you don’t want mosquitos hanging around. 

If you’re dreaming of summer but dreading peak mosquito season, here are some of the things that attract mosquitos. By finding out what they like, you can make sure you minimize the appeal of your arms, legs, and backyard. 

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What Attracts Mosquitos to People?

Mosquitos can be attracted to an area, but they can also be attracted to certain people. Here are some of the most common ways mosquitos find you. 

Mosquitos Are Attracted to Certain Clothing

Mosquitos have no sense of fashion; they just prefer specific color schemes. Mosquitos are attracted to dark and bold colors like red, black, and navy blue. They have also been known to enjoy a good floral pattern. Tight clothing is also easy to bite through, so if you’re wearing a loose-fitting shirt and pants, they may find you but be unable to do any damage. 

Mosquitos Prefer Certain Smells

If you smell good, mosquitos will be interested. If you smell bad, well, they like that too. Mosquitos are drawn to floral scented soaps, deodorants, lotions, and perfumes. BUT they also like smelly socks and sweaty underarms. It’s a strange spectrum, but your best bet is to try not to smell too good or too bad. It’s hard to beat the summer heat most days, but wearing neutral-scented soaps and lotions can make them less interested. 

Mosquitos Enjoy A Nice Cold Beer

Mosquitos aren’t interested in the beer itself. They probably don’t actually care if it’s cold or not. Studies have shown that mosquitos are more interested in someone who’s recently had a beer or two. It’s likely due to the increased body temperature and the increased alcohol content in body sweat.

Mosquitos Have A Favorite Blood Type

You’d think these bloodsuckers wouldn’t be choosy, but they have preferences for blood types. If you have type O blood, you're top on the list of a mosquito's favorite snacks. If you have type A blood, mosquitos have been known to choose you last, so make sure your friends have a more attractive blood type! 

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What Attracts Mosquitos to Places?

Even if you’re wearing light-colored clothing, minimal scents, and don’t have type O blood, if mosquitos are frequenting your backyard, you’re bound to get bit. Here are a few things mosquitos like to see in their favorite hang-out spots! 

Mosquitos Love Flowers

Some mosquitos will take a break from blood-sucking for a nice bit of flower nectar. Flowers are a beautiful addition to your landscaping, but they may be catching the eye of a mosquito too. 

Mosquitos Breed in Standing Water

Plants where water can gather in small pockets, birdbaths, clogged gutters, and left-out tools and buckets can all be attracting and multiplying your mosquito problem. Removing standing water in your yard is one of the most effective ways to deter mosquitos.

Mosquitos Need Shade Too

Tall grass, weeds, and bushes allow mosquitos protection from that hot summer sunshine. It’s an excellent motivation to mow your lawn or eliminate any unnecessary shrubbery. 

Mosquitos Aren’t Scared of Your Bug Zapper

More recently, people have been using bug zappers to deal with their mosquito problems. These devices attract mosquitos and then kill them when they get too close. These mosquito zappers are good at luring mosquitos onto your property, but there’s one problem. They only kill male mosquitos, and female mosquitos are the ones that bite. So really, you’re just attracting them. 


How To Deal With Mosquitos In Your Home and Yard

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