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Mosquito Season: Stop it Before it Starts


Mosquito Season: Stop it Before it Starts

Imagine — you’re finally throwing your first outdoor BBQ with a few friends and family post-COVID. The weather is perfect, the drinks are cold, and you’ve been planning the menu for months. Then, the sun starts to set. Out of nowhere, you are plagued with a swarm of mosquitoes that have been lurking in the grass you forgot to mow before the party. You try to light a few citronella candles, but it’s too late.

Don’t let this happen to you! Take control of mosquito season before it starts. Overnight temperatures are starting to stay consecutively above 50°, so now is the time to take preventative action. By targeting mosquito habitats and certain stages in their lifecycle, we can be smart about curbing your mosquito population before it gets out of hand. Relying on tiki torches and oscillating fans isn’t a complete solution – Waynes uses a variety of approaches to tackle your flying pest problem.


Getting Rid of Mosquitoes

Here is some handy information about mosquitoes, and how Waynes uses this knowledge to target and eliminate mosquito problems before they start.


Only female mosquitoes bite. They need the protein from human blood in order to produce eggs. That means that only half of the mosquito population is biting you! But even one biting mosquito is too many.  By spraying natural repellants around your property and in any wooded areas, you can drive away female mosquitoes looking to reproduce.
They can breed in less than a teaspoon of water. Eliminating standing water and areas of dense underbrush on your property is the first step to keeping your mosquito population under control. Waynes can offer a thorough assessment of your property to spot areas that are likely mosquito habitats.
When they do lay eggs, they can lay up to 100 at a time. These eggs take 7-10 days, on average, to complete their life cycles and become adults. Mosquitoes are very vulnerable at the larval and pupal stages of the life cycle, so this gives Waynes about a week to eliminate any future mosquito populations from dead leaves and standing water on your property. Even if you see mosquito eggs and larvae, it’s not too late!
Mosquitoes are attracted to some people’s body chemistry over others – they seem to prefer type O blood twice as much as type A. Luckily with Waynes, your mosquito population will be eliminated before it gets close to touching your skin. We just thought this was an interesting fact.
A full moon can increase mosquito activity 500%. This isn’t a reverse-vampire effect, this phenomenon is simply because it’s easiest for mosquitoes to see at dusk, dawn, and in full moon conditions. With Waynes mosquito solution you can enjoy that full moon in peace!
They are weak fliers and like still air. By installing oscillating fans to keep the air moving, you can keep away some of the mosquitoes until Waynes can come out for treatment.


We saved the best news for last! If mosquitoes are plaguing you and your family, we can help! When you contact us at 866-WAYNES1 or visit, our Waynes Pest Professional will inspect your home and property and customize a mosquito control solution specifically for your family.  And the service you receive is backed by our World Class Solutions Guarantee. Enjoy your yard in peace, contact us today!

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