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Waynes Landscape is Under New Ownership! June 4, 2019


Dear Waynes Customers,

In 2010, 37 years into our journey as a leading provider of pest control and lawn care services, the Waynes family of companies began offering LANDSCAPE services. In the 9 years since, under the leadership of Aaron Sanders, Drew Christopher, and Buck Malone, Waynes Landscape has grown into a company of 100+ team members committed to delivering world-class service - every time to hundreds of customers. It's an awesome thing to see something that started a few short years ago as a part of the Waynes family grow and become its own company. We aren't only passionate about building companies of lasting value, we desire to build leaders who add lasting value to the customers and communities they serve. Aaron, Drew, and Buck are examples of that process.

Today we are thrilled to announce Waynes Landscape is now two NEW companies with new(ish) ownership.

Acre Group will serve the areas of Birmingham, Huntsville, and Auburn Alabama led by Aaron Sanders and Drew Christopher.

The Wildwood Group will serve in Nashville Tennessee and surrounding areas led by Buck Malone.

Aaron, Drew, and Buck have been instrumental in building this business by serving you with our core values - integrity, courage, perseverance, and character. As new owners, they will continue to do so. It brings our Waynes family great joy to see them realize their dream!

On behalf of the team members of Waynes, Acre Group, and The Wildwood Group, we thank you for choosing us to serve you. Please see 4 important questions below.


Steven D. Splawn CEO

*Ps - to my friends at The Wildwood Group & Acre Group - keep on making the world a more beautiful place! I’m proud of you. *

4 Important Questions

1. Will my service schedule and team remain the same? YES!

2. Will my service fee remain the same? YES!

3. Will my billing change? There will be no change for the month of June. Your invoice will be from and payment made to Waynes. Starting in July, your maintenance invoice will be from The Wildwood Group (Nashville) or Acre Group (Birmingham, Huntsville, and Auburn) while your lawn service and invoice will be from Waynes. Your monthly service fee will remain the same. If you participate in Waynes Smartpay program, we will contact you to transition to The Wildwood Group or Acre Group's system for your maintenance fee.

*4. Who do I call with questions? *

The Wildwood Group (Nashville) 615.364.4538

Acre Group (Birmingham, Huntsville, Auburn) 205.453.9367

Waynes 615.435.0838

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