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Tree & Shrub Care March 5, 2018

Winter Injury & Temperature Fluctuation

Winter damage is generally not caused by an unusually cold winter. Rapid weather change is more to blame because the plant has not had enough time to prepare for such a change. Injury can also be attributed to plant species, location, growing conditions, and timing of weather extremes. Identifying and understanding the individual needs of your tree or shrub is the best ways to prevent damage from occurring.

Drought Stress

When plants do not receive adequate rainfall or irrigation, drought stress will reduce growth - even more so than all other environmental stresses combined. Without an adequate root system, the plant will be unable to maintain its required moisture levels even after sufficient water becomes available. Many issues can arise at this point: reduced plant growth, scorched leaves, wilting and premature leaf drop. When a plant is stressed, it becomes prime real estate for insects. In an effort to prevent this “snowball” effect, established trees and shrubs should be watered deeply every 10 to 14 days during dry periods. The most effective watering methods are soaker hoses and drip irrigation systems.


Pruning is a great way to effectively manage the structural integrity and overall aesthetics of your trees and shrubs. It is important to have an end result in mind and a good understanding of the proper techniques involved before you begin a project. Because you matter, our landscaping team has assembled this aide to help you prepare yourself for that next big project!


The best time to prune is generally during your plant’s dormancy, after the coldest part of winter has passed. At any time, you can prune away dead or diseased sections of the plant. However, to encourage flowering on a growth from the previous year, the best time to prune is after the last bloom of the season fades. For new growth during the current year, it is best to prune in early spring before any buds bloom.


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