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Mulching Tips August 31, 2018


Mulching Tips

Mulching around trees and in your garden is a great way to add a professional touch to your property. Believe it or not, there is more to mulch than just curb appeal. Mulching can actually helps to control weeds, enrich, and/or insulate the soil around plants, shrubs, and trees in your garden.

The type of mulch that is available usually depends on your location. For our service area, the most common mulch available is pine bark and pine needles. Both options are a bi-product of the pine tree. However, the production of it is quite different. This seemingly minor difference can have more of an impact than you may actually realize.

Deciding what works best for you doesn’t have to be difficult though. Below, we have provided a guide that will help you decide what mulch will work best for your gardening needs.

Should you still have questions, please feel free to give us a call at 866-WAYNES-1.

Pine Straw (Needles)

Pros: Renewable product Fairly inexpensive Works well on slopes Prevents soil compaction/erosion Breaks down slowly Insulates plants from extreme weather conditions Low maintenance / apply yearly

*Cons: * Takes practice to appear tidy Lightweight Turns silver-grey as it ages

Pine Bark Nuggets

*Pros: * Easy to apply Comes in different size grades Enriches soil as it breaks down Low maintenance / apply every 1-3 years Great moisture barrier for plants Easy to identify / pull weeds

*Cons: * Floats in water / washes away easily Fades to pale gray over time Excessive mulch can build up and prevent oxygen flow to plants

Grass Clippings

Pros: No cost Provides essential nitrogen nutrients to soil Organic

Cons: Difficult to clear out weeds from clippings May increase weed growth in the garden

Hardwood Bark Nuggets

*Pros: * Works well on slopes Does not wash away

*Cons: * As it breaks down the soil becomes more alkaline (raises pH) Byproduct of lumber / paper industries Not good for acid-loving plants Can compact over time blocking rain and nutrients from reaching the soil May contain additives from pressure-treated wood that could be harmful to plants Not always 100% hardwood

Rubber Mulch

Pros: Available in multiple colors Will not blow away or decompose

*Cons: * Difficult to remove May compact soil over time Inorganic Flammable

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