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  1. Good Bugs for your Lawn & Garden & Bad Bugs for your Home


Good Bugs for your Lawn & Garden & Bad Bugs for your Home

Good Bugs for your Lawn and Garden and Bad Bugs for your Home

Not all bugs were created equally. Some bugs are our friends, some are our enemies, and for others, it just depends on where they are. Some bugs are beneficial for your garden because they help keep the bad bugs away. On the other hand, there are some bugs that you don’t want anywhere near your home. 

Here is a guide on good bugs for your garden and bad bugs for your home. You might find a new perspective on some of our six-legged friends. 

Good Bugs for your Garden


Ladybugs are already popular because they are cute, and many people believe that they bring good luck. They are beneficial for your garden because they protect plants by preying on aphids, whiteflies, and potato beetles. Plant dill, dandelions, and fern-leaf yellows to attract ladybugs to help protect your garden.

Ground beetles

The name may sound unpleasant but ground beetles are another bug that is beneficial for your garden. Their diet consists of slugs, caterpillars, potato beetles, and cutworms. Add evening primrose, amaranthus, and clover to your garden to attract ground beetles. 

Green lacewings

These tiny, green insects seem a little creepy at first, but they’ll save your garden from even creepier bugs. Green lacewings keep aphids, whiteflies, leafhoppers, and mealybugs out of your garden. To attract green lacewings, plant dill, angelonia, golden marguerite, and coriander. 

Damsel bugs

Damsel bugs feed on many pest species like caterpillars, mites, aphids, and cabbage worms. To attract damsel bugs, plant caraway, peter pan goldenrod, spearmint, and fennel in your garden. 

Bad Bugs for your Home

While we will advocate for some bugs that are beneficial to your garden, we would never advocate for bugs in your home! While inside bugs are never a good thing, some are much more difficult to get rid of than others. 


Termites are notorious for causing a lot of damage and being hard to get rid of. The moment a homeowner discovers a termite infestation, their stomach drops. They make a meal out of your house, causing expensive problems that are difficult to fix. Waynes uses the Sentricon® System with AlwaysActive™ technology to protect your home.  Termites need to go elsewhere for their next meal.


Ants may seem harmless at first, but a colony of ants can cause a major disruption in your home. At first, you think that you just have a few ants on your window seal, and then you discover hundreds of ants in your pantry. To avoid attracting these food thieves, put food up in airtight containers and keep your countertops crumb-free. If you develop an ant problem, Waynes can deal with the problem at its source- the ants’ colony.  


A single cockroach is hard to catch, and like many other bugs on the list, they really become a problem when there are a lot of them. Cockroaches are filthy bugs, they carry disease, and they can even leave behind a bad smell. To prevent cockroaches, we recommend taking a shoe...just kidding! Don’t leave food out, and schedule regular pest treatments to avoid an infestation. It is easier to prevent cockroaches than it is to eradicate them once they have made home. 

Waynes offers protection against termites, ants, and cockroaches. If any of these pests have invaded your home, contact us as soon as possible. Your home should be yours and yours only.