1. Fall Armyworm Invasion!

JANUARY 06 2020 / LAWN

Fall Armyworm Invasion!

Left, Left, Left, Right, Left…

Now is the time homeowners should begin inspecting their lawns for Fall Armyworms. We have already received reports of armyworms in the Birmingham area by mid-July. Problems typically start in South Alabama in late July to early August and then move northward.

What are armyworms? Fall Armyworms (FAWs) are worms that attack lawns in large numbers, as an army. They feed on the green blades of grass and literally don’t stop unless something (or someone) stops them. They can destroy an entire lawn in a matter of days!

What you should look for: FAWs most commonly attack well-fertilized and watered Bermudagrass and new Bermudagrass sod. Homeowners usually notice the worms shortly after their grass starts to thin. FAWs lay their eggs on trees, fences, shrubs, and other objects. Damage is usually first seen close to these areas. Crows are commonly seen feeding in lawns with FAW infestations and can be a good indicator of a problem.

Like an army, they can march on to other lawns Once a lawn has been completely eaten, the FAWs will move into a non-infested area in search of more food. They may hatch and begin in an adjacent lawn, and then move into yours. So it is important to not only inspect your lawn but watch your neighbor’s lawn as well for signs of damage.

When will they go away? Fall Armyworms are susceptible to cold, and cannot survive the winter temperatures in our area.

If you are a Waynes EnviroLawn customer, an armyworm treatment is included in your service!

If you would like more information, or if you believe Fall Armyworms are attacking your lawn, call Waynes for a free inspection. Our number is 1-866-WAYNES1 or click here and fill out our Contact Us Form.