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Christmas Tree Pest Prevention


Christmas Tree Pest Prevention

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is right around the corner! I just love how the homes around the neighborhood always look so magical this time of year, each becoming merrier and brighter as neighbors hang their lights and trim their trees for their special visitors. For some, merrier and brighter would be an understatement! I’m sure we all have that one neighbor (maybe two) that could make even the Griswold family jealous!

While their decorations probably come very close to the Griswolds, nothing could compare to the Griswold family TREE!

Griswold Christmas









If you haven’t seen the movie, Clark (the father) wanted to provide the biggest and best Christmas ever so he packed up the family in search of the perfect tree. However, the tree ended up causing more frustration than happiness. Not only was the tree too big, but they had problems with an abnormal amount of sap everywhere…and then the dry needles incident…oh and then the fire! If you haven’t seen it, you should check it out! It is hilarious! One of my very favorite scenes in that movie, was actually when the squirrel popped out of the tree and scared the life out of Clark and the rest of the family! I can guarantee any tree that my family picks out will be checked from top to bottom before it ever enters my home!

The moral of the story is this…whether you prefer an artificial tree with pre-lit lights or trekking out to a Christmas tree farm as the Griswold family did, it is very important you take precaution to make this time a little easier on yourself. Even more important, you’re going to want to keep those unwanted visitors from joining in on the festivities this year! If you aren’t sure where to start, check out our tips below to help keep your guest list a little more manageable. As always, should you have a bigger problem on your hands, Waynes is always here to help.

Artificial Tree Tips (Proper storage is key):

  • Measure ceiling height.
  • Look for the closest outlet & measure the distance to the tree.
  • Don’t forget an extension cord!
  • Timers are very handy! Driving up to your home with the lights already on is always a bonus!
  • Use a vacuum to collect excess dust or pests that may have found their way to your tree during storage.
  • When storing, remove edible ornaments like candy canes that may attract unwanted pests.
  • Store in a dry area of the house in an air-tight container.

NOTE: Do NOT use aerosol insect sprays as they are highly flammable.

Live Tree Tips (Preparation and Maintenance are key):

  • Ask for your tree to be placed in a tree shaker. This will remove most pests and loose pine needles.
  • If a tree shaker is not available, use a leaf blower at home.
  • Inspect the tree for little holes where insects have burrowed into the tree.
  • Buy LED lights to prevent the lights from drying out your tree branches.
  • Water regularly. Always keep water in the stand!
  • Place a plastic bag under the tree stand to prevent water from leaking onto the flooring.

NOTE: Do NOT use pesticides as these will damage your already delicate tree.

Keep in mind that the pests on your tree prefer the forest environment from which it came and the warmth of your home has likely triggered their instinct to awaken for spring. These pests will eventually dry out and die due to habitat change or lack of food and water. However, regular pest control treatments are recommended to prevent long-term problems. For more information, give us a call to customize a plan for your home today at 1-866-WAYNES1.

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